Ancient Empire?

Humanity was always curious by nature, so the endless space was always enticing to us.
It took us many years, many trials and fails to finally achieve true space travel, and afterwards, our advancements exploded.
We started to harvest resources from space, and everything started to flow smoothly.
But we never forgot our drive, our curiosity.
We wanted to know: all we alone in the universe or is there life?
So we searched and searched.
We focused on planets like ours, planets that had high chances of fostering life.
And things were getting better and better.
We’ve found relics, ruins of ancient civilizations, but there was an unsettling feeling about it.
They were really similar to our civilizations.
Be it ancient golden age era or futuristic, they all had a human air around it.
We even found runes that were similar to Nordic ones.
Our researchers were working around the clock, trying to figure out what was going on.
And after centuries, we started to find, “alien” life…
They were humans, like genetically really close to us.
They had completely different traditions, and abilities, but nonetheless…
They were humans.
Some were taller, and stronger than the average human.
Other were able to use mental waves to create illusions, and speak telepathically.
Other could influence the elements of the very environment they were living in.
But none…none had any technological advancements.
They were are medieval stuck, and focused on refining other aspects of themselves.
We started to interact.
And we realized, how easily we can learn their languages, and they ours.
Then we started swapping stories, and history.
And afterwards, they started to help with the research as we continued to explore our galaxy.
And soon, the mystery started to unveil.
Our entire galaxy was once a tremendous Empire.
A Empire of humans, a civilization of impossible proportions.
Theoretically, it expanded far and wide, covering hundreds if not thousands of galaxies, with our being its homeland, its headquarters.
But seemingly it was engaged in a war with others, and slowly the Empire was driven out of the other galaxies.
And in the end, it was exiled to its homeland galaxy…
But there were no records of any enemies entering our galaxy, for they were afraid of the extreme retaliation of a backed up prey.
But then how did the Empire completely collapse?
And when did this happen?
And most importantly…
This means…
This means that out there…
Enemies are awaiting us…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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