Banded together to face the true enemy

Two families, of roughly 10 members each, have been in a feud for centuries.
Now, I saw 10 members each, because there were never more of this exact family.
Because these 10 members each, always reincarnated, and gathered their “new” families to help them, but in the end, it was always the original 10 who could make a difference in the conflict.
But after centuries of bloodshed, scheming, backstabbing, blackmailing, kidnapping and many more shady dealings against each other, this reincarnation is now sitting down at the same table to discuss.
In a huge mansion, as constant reincarnation has its perks, and the two families gathered tremendous wealth during the years, the meeting was held.
“So, you all know why we gathered here, right?”
The head of the Lunona family asked.
“Yeah, we need to figure out why we are actually fighting, and why the hell are we constantly reincarnating.”
The head of the Solun family said.
Everyone else was quietly listening.
“After years of researching family records, historical remains, and talking with renowned historians…
Our families were living in 2 different towns for a good while, before moving to the same city.
Technically, chances of us meetings were slim, and having a conflict back in those days would’ve been hard.”
The Lunona family head said.
“And, it seems the conflict started out due to a relationship almost happening between me, and Matriarch Lunona.
But, I don’t remember such a thing.”
The head of the Solun family added.
“And we remember something about a treasure being disputed.”
The matriarch of the Lunona family said.
“That’s insane.”
The grandchild of the Lunona family said.
“It’s not insane, it’s proof.
Proof that our feud was manufactured.”
The grandchild of the Solun family said.
Someone, behind the veils of mystery, has played a puppet show with our lives.”
The matriarch of the Solun family chimed in.
“And it’s time we found this individual…
And made them pay.”
The matriarch of the Lunona family smirked.
The two family agreed, and made a pact to work together.
Such efficiency, and thoroughness has never been seen.
With the accumulated wealth and the expertise of these families, it took them but 3 years to scan the planet, and find traces of their suffering’s puppeteer.
The two family, as fire and water they were, worked together better than one might want to believe.
After 4 more years, they finally found their puppeteer.
But it was…
“A puppet?”
The Lunona patriarch shouted, as he threw a laughing puppet across a shady chapel’s main hall.
“Good, good, your batch needed but 8 cycles to break out of our charm, and find us…
Good, good.
Now the world shall change, and you will be the lead actors and actresses.
Prepare, prepare…
To entertain us….”
The puppet eerily said, before turning to dust.
The two families exchanged glances, and laughed.
“Leading people? Conflict? Change?”
The Solun matriarch giggled.
“That’s our domain…”
The Lunona matriarch ended.
And the two families left, and started to prepare…
The puppeteer knows not what kind of individuals they messed with…
But they will learn…learn on their own skin…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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