My pet, the protagonist

Let’s say that I like to read.
Nothing too fancy or extraordinary of a hobby, but it makes me feel happy.
I also have a lovely job, and an amazing turtle pet.
Things have been strange lately.
More earthquakes, more random storms, cracks here and there.
If I were to bet on my book collection, I would say we are about to start a common fantasy plot, and that is “the end of the world”.
At least, the end of the world as we know it, not necessarily literally the collapse of our planet.
Then, random noises, and crimes were happening all around our city.
My pet, little Atlas, started to change.
He got bigger, like a lot.
And even his pond got bigger in the courtyard.
Also, I would sometimes see him reading some of my books. (He thought I wouldn’t observe my martial arts novels being a bit damp.)
I didn’t say a thing, but I did increase his food amount. (If he really awakened something, he needs nutrition.)
Also, I started to play a bit more with him, and talk even more about life.
And he continued to grow, and grow.
Reports from all across the globe about animals going wild, and monsters popping out of the darkness started appearing.
I sighed.
“Typical world or universe advancement end-of-world scenario, how cliché”
I said to myself, adding a bit of more meat to Atlas’ meal.
A few months later portals opened.
By that time, my house “grew” bigger, and my courtyard was tens of times bigger as well.
Atlas at this point of time was the size of a bigger Land Rover, and since we were at the outskirts of the city, he probably cleaned up the monsters, since our house was still, completely safe.
A week after the portals appeared, people started awakening powers.
I’ve had awoken “Dragon Warrior” class, with plenty of awesome powers.
I went out this time to test myself, hunted a deer like creature, and fed most of it to Atlas.
“My class is labeled as legendary, it must be because of you, right?”
I said, petting his shell.
He didn’t say a thing, but I could see that his tail was starting to change, and he had dragon patterns on his shell.
Then, a month later, the worst thing in such scenarios happened.
The portals flooded with monsters from other regions, but there was a catch.
They didn’t attack, but grouped nicely around the portals.
Finally something rational, why would anyone destroy everything in the land they want to conquer, am I right?
When sentient, and capable of leading creatures appeared, they started their announcements.
One such creature, swallowed an entire battalion of soldiers, from a certain country.
It was terrifying to watch it on TV.
But as I was watching the news, I saw how thousands of creatures were tied up by a snake-like tail, and swallowed by a turtle.
My turtle, Atlas.
When I went outside, he was still there, a bit bigger.
“You are just an incarnation or clone, right?
The real you left to hunt?”
I said.
Atlas v2 nodded.
“Okay, you have the inheritance of some ridiculous entity, and you will soar to unimaginable heights?”
I asked.
At this, Atlas v2 froze, then slowly disappeared, before being replaced by Atlas, who was still a bit bloody.
Not his blood, so don’t worry.
“Owner, you are smarter than a low-leveled realm’s native should be.”
He said.
“You read the novels I read, you know this thingy here…
Is normal for me.”
I shrugged.
“Yes, and I have a deal for you.”
He said.
“Go ahead.”
I nodded.
“You will keep me out of shenanigans, advise me on how to deal with situations, and help me always have the upper hand in negotiations.
And I will help you power-level, enhance your existence level, and in the end, push you to immortality.”
He said.
I simply nodded.
“That’s it?
You instantly agree?”
Atlas asked.
“I watched you grow up.
And also, I am fairly sure you are the protagonist of this era.
Hah, my pet, the protagonist, perfect title for a story.”
I laughed.
Atlas laughed as well.
“I hope to be the protagonist.”
He said.
“You will be, I will help you with that.”
I said, patting his shell.
And with that, our journey through this calamity started with a joyous atmosphere.
For he was strong, and I knew what cliché settings to avoid…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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