The most efficient Chosen One

Our world is strife with conflicts.
Be it amongst ourselves, or foreigners or invaders from other realms, we never had an easy life.
Our world is filled with energy, energy that made wildlife evolve.
So, even if everything was peaceful with the other civilizations, it would still be a tough fight against the beasts of the wilderness.
So, it’s pretty normal that heroes arise in situations like these.
And, the most efficient chosen one was born through necessity and utmost denial of scenarios.
What do I mean by that?
Let me tell you the story, of Heroine Mother of Three, as she called herself.
The beasts went on a rampage.
Nobody knows how, and why, but suddenly, even the ancestor leveled beasts were able to remain easily pregnant, thus reproducing in an unbelievable manner.
In but 10 years of relative peace, they came out of the seas, plains, forests and mountains and deserts and flooded all the races of the world.
We barely were able to hold them off, but each of our territories shrunk by at least 10%.
Afterwards, it was a war against them, and time itself.
It’s not like they simply stopped reproducing after they’ve attacked us.
So we banded together, humans, elves, dwarves, ogres, goblins, demons, and a few higher-ranked civilizations as well, although their numbers were so low, they’ve been part of different countries, and didn’t have their own.
And in these times, did the Chosen One appear.
She was older than the ones in most legends.
She appeared in a small border city, and single-handedly erased a beast tide.
She caught the 2, ten-thousand year cultivation leader beasts, and fried them…for her children.
This is her first documented fight, and her reason was rather simple.
“The noise woke up my youngest, who finally fell asleep after 3 days, I haven’t slept in weeks, properly at least, so I took my chance to get off some steam.”
She said.
She was a high-elven priestess, who finally after thousands of years of loyalty to her race, got the permission to retire, and start her own family.
Imagine her anger when these beasts started to mess things up, in her peaceful plans.
So, she took her children, sent them to the Holy Temple, then left, to clean the mess.
Beast died left and right, but only those who were over 100 years old.
She didn’t strike younglings, nor cubs.
Nor did she let anyone do so.
She killed a lot of noble heirs as well from our side, after they tried to use her to get rich.
“I have no time for these tropes, just die.”
Was what she said, and erased entire families off the planet’s surface. (later on, we realized that these were corrupt individuals, whom often worked together with the beasts.)
Albeit, she said, she killed them because she wanted to.
As a side-note, after she took the mantle of vanguard, and cleared the first beast tide, the world itself blessed her, making her even stronger.
So she was in a league of her own, at this point.
Then, she simply gathered the allied armies and led them herself.
She simply started off slow, erasing almost every single too strong beast from the conquered areas, before going into their territory.
She wasn’t side-tracked by finding out that people really worked together with beasts.
Not by the fact that there was a higher world helping the beasts.
She had a simple goal.
Clean them up, scare them into behaving, so that she can raise her children in peace.
And that’s what she did.
No matter how they tried to trick her, bait her, ambush her, trap her, blackmail her, she didn’t care.
In fact, no envoy, nor enemy had the chance to speak to her.
She didn’t listen.
The moment she ascertained that the opposing person was an enemy, she attacked.
Fast and vicious, giving no chance for the other to react.
It took her but a year to bring peace to our world.
The ancestor level beasts, all few hundreds of them had to ally together, and take an oath to never start a war in the next 10 thousand years.
“It will take my 4 kids roughly 10 thousand years to get as strong as I am.
Until then, ya’ll sit nicely, otherwise I will make clothes for my kids from you.”
She said to them.
And that was it.
No continuous struggle, betrayals, back and forth with the enemy.
After securing peace, we wanted to reward her.
She simply shrugged it off.
“No need, just leave me the hell alone.
I have 4 kids to raise, I don’t want to raise all of you as well.”
She said, disappearing.
Ever since, she was unseen.
But we know, she’s out there raising her kids.
One day, we are sure that they will become a new generation of little heroes…
As they are the offspring of the most efficient Chosen One.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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