Avoiding the silver moonlight

I never left the house after 8 PM.
And you would never catch me outside after the sun has set.
For some time, it worked.
After all, as a kid you aren’t really supposed to be outside.
It was harder to decline going to weddings, parties, but it was seen as the mood of a child.
But then, I started college…
There, it started to be harder and harder to avoid the night, and it’s silvery moonlight.
I started to get, sneakier.
I couldn’t constantly find excuses not to go out at night with my girlfriend, with my friends, so I made sure one thing.
That it was always cloudy when we went out.
But even that started to become impossible, after all, spring and summer did exist, right?
So, that’s why I was thankful that I gained a job that was very rewarding yet tiring, so I could have the perfect excuse.
I was too tired to go out at night, so we started to hang out in the afternoon, and in the weekends.
It was a good solution, and I thought I have avoided any suspicions.
But my girlfriend was sharper than I thought.
She caught on that I was actively avoiding the night time, so she tested me.
I know she tested me now, retroactively, back then, I was completely clueless.
She started wanting to watch horror movies with me, crime documentaries and so on.
I said, “Okay”, I didn’t really like them, but I wasn’t against them.
Afterwards, she always tried to scare me randomly.
I found it cute, especially since she’s much shorter than I am.
As a note, I always made sure I rent out apartments, where there is no chance for the moonlight to shine through the window, onto me.
I was always careful.
I always planned ahead, and prepared for the unpredictable to happen.
I never would’ve thought that my girlfriend never gave up on trying to find out my reason of not wanting to go outside.
Hell, I didn’t even know she was trying to find out.
So when we moved in together, I wasn’t too cautious, but I still made sure that there is no way for the moonlight to normally reach me.
But then…
Then she made me fall asleep in the living room…
And there I slept from noon, until the moon rose.
And now…
And now she knows why I was avoiding the silver moonlight.
With my hair down to my ankles, that went from black to silver, my eyes shining bright white, and my skin looking like silver scales…
I looked at my girlfriend, who was smirking.
“So that’s why you were so weird!
And here I thought you had a mistress!”
She said, laughing.
“You ruffied my drink?”
I asked.
“That, and what we did on that couch, knocked you out really well.”
She said, not embarrassed at all.
I sighed.
But then, she pulled the curtains in completely.
And in the pitch black room, I went back to normal.
“This will be our little secret.”
She said.
“You will keep it?”
I asked.
“Of course, I love you.
I don’t want to see you tested and used in who knows what experiments.
Nor do I want people to see you as a freak…”
She said.
“I love you too…”
I said, hugging her.
“But…that form…”
She suddenly said.
My heart stopped for a beat.
I asked, warily.
“That form is too…too good…
We might need to do a thing or two…
Maybe even in that form?”
She said, unbuttoning my shirt.
I sighed.
I always feared this day, for I never knew what her reaction will be.
At least, she didn’t react like my parents.
Although, seeing how she just almost ruined my favorite shirt, I am not sure this reaction is healthy either, but oh well…
I love her, and frankly, I am curious as well…
How our life will be, now that avoiding the silver moonlight, will become a family thing…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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