Writing, a blessing

Roughly 78 centuries ago, communities started a proper written language to note down information, and to record daily activities.
Roughly 3 centuries later, I also picked up this activity.
Ever since, I’ve been keeping a diary, well, it’s called a diary right now, back then it wasn’t called a thing.
It doesn’t take a very observant individual to see that from the way I am talking, I am alive in the years 7800s, and also have been alive long, long ago.
I am somewhat of an immortal, born out of pettiness, and grudge.
Blessed with love, yet cursed with never being able to give it.
There are few who can understand the great powers of writing.
And those who can understand them…I am in deep awe, as it’s not an easy feat.
Writing, is a core element of any civilization.
But is more than that.
Through writing one can achieve much more.
Peacefulness, and gratitude, but grudge, killing intent and greed as well.
Writing can simulate the myriad emotions, just like any other art.
But for me, writing is closer.
It’s easier to send messages, both direct and hidden.
It’s easier to recount stories or create them.
But, for me, it’s even more.
Well, not just for me, but for those who live long lives in general or for those who live too short of a life.
We long lived ones can record our lives, while those who life a brighter, but shorter life, can live out other lives in writing.
But you see, writing is a gift, no matter if it’s done by yourself or someone else.
Of course, in that way, for you, it would transform into reading, but reading is just interpretation of writing, so they are related.
It made my life so much easier.
My diaries have become my treasures, and sadly, some of them, even treasures of others.
You see, that’s a problem with the old ways of writing.
Now, everything on a little piece of some kind of alloy, done mentally.
But I still love the feeling of writing physically, manually, and keep diaries.
But, it’s much less secure.
If I don’t remember something, I just need to search it in the database.
If someone tries to steal something, they have to break my defenses.
But with diaries…once I lost them…
Others can easily use them, well “easily” is an overstatement, after all, what I write about it’s not always as simple as what I had for breakfast.
A young lady wrote a story about me, after she read about my failure in one of my diaries.
A certain organization almost destroyed the Earth, after trying some of my farfetched ideas I’ve written, done.
It’s amazing, how writing, such a blessing, can cause so many troubles as well…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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