At the gates of Heaven

My life was a simple minded one.
I wanted to help people, so that’s what I did.
Volunteering, getting a job at the emergency units, it all came naturally.
I lived a happy life, loving wife, respectful kids and mischievous grandkids.
All the blessings one man could hope for.
Who would’ve thought, that at 80 years old, my heart would fail me, when I tried to help a young couple move in, next to us.
They reminded me of my wife and I when we were of their age, couldn’t help myself not to help them.
And that’s how my life ended…helping others once…last…time.
As everything around me blackened, the young couple paled.
”Don’t worry, be happy, tell my wife I love her…”
I said, and then, there was no “then”.
I felt like submerged in cement, completely pressured from all sides, and bathed in darkness.
But then, a red light started to shine over me.
Instinctively, I felt drawn to it, thus I tried to move towards this light.
Soon, I could see it.
Amidst the raging thunderclouds, booming thunder and flashing lightning, a rusty colored humongous gate stood tall.
It radiated heat, and shone brightly like a lighthouse.
A heavy iron smell drowned me, and sharp winds made me wince.
“I can still feel…?”
I muttered.
“Of course you can still feel, your human body has nerve endings, your soul has spiritual vessels, to feel the universe.
The latter is even more sensitive and better.”
A voice chuckled.
Looking up to the gate, I could see a figure leaning against it.
“Excuse me, but, was I brought here to help with something?”
I asked.
I wasn’t stupid, after all, nobody who can live 80 years in the human world, make a decent family. is stupid.
It was clear that this was some sort of afterlife, and I doubted there were no reasons for me being here.
“Your soul is truly one that can’t simply sit still.”
The voice said, and started to fly towards me.
Yeah, fly, as the figure closing up to me had 12 pairs of wings of multiple colors.
“Not really 12 pairs, but since my true form is a bit burdensome for a newbie soul like yours, this is how you see me.”
He said.
Now that he was closer, I could see him.
A rather good looking, young looking man, with a flaming sword tattooed under his right eye.
“Sir. Michael I presume?”
I said.
“Ah yes, you’ve been somewhat religious, so you know about me!
Nice, that makes it easier to me.”
Michael said.
“I just believed in a good higher force like heaven, and benevolent angels.
Not that I was believing in such things in a religious manner.”
I said, shaking my head.
“Nonetheless, you’ve lived a beautiful life, following the lives of saints, helping people left and right.
And now, here you are, nominated for a greater thing.”
He laughed.
“I am ready to help, but I will not convert people, nor will I kill the innocent, regardless of their faith.”
I said.
“What if you would be sent to hell due to your choice?”
Michael asked.
“Living a life that is completely against my beliefs is worse than hell.”
I said.
My life could’ve been easier, so much easier, with another job, with less donations, with less volunteering, yet, that wouldn’t have been…my life.
I always stuck close to my beliefs, and not even the afterlife will that change.
At this, Michael laughed, and I could see the tattoo also spitting some fire.
“That’s how a person chosen to enter my legions should behave!
Welcome to Heaven, your duty shall be training for the next few aeons, before joining the Salvation Battalion.”
He said.
“Could Sir. explain in detail, what this entails?”
I asked.
“You shall train your soul, and birth a new body that will be just a husk, as your soul will be the primary existence from now on.
After gaining enough strength, you shall lead teams to save saints, future-saints, angels and future-angels from all across this and many more universes.
Basically, a huge promotion, from your previous job.”
He said, laughing.
“I agree, but I have to correct you.
It’s the same job, but on a different scale, not a promotion.
Lives are lives, no matter their level.”
I said.
Michael just nodded.
“Come, let us enter heaven.”
He said, flying towards the rusty colored, imposing gates.
“Aren’t the gates of Heaven supposed to be…”
I didn’t finish my sentence.
“Flashy? Pearly? Well, Heaven is as big as the universe it stands in, it couldn’t have a single gate, could it now?
These are The Gates of Sacrifice, appearing only in front of those who are deemed worthy to join directly an angelic legion of the medium or higher grade.
You are lucky, for mine is one of the best, albeit also the most dangerous as well.”
He said.
“Doesn’t matter, not like I have anything else to do…
But…later on…
Will I be able to meet them?”
I asked.
“Time passes differently, but yes, after you’ve finished your training, you may look for your loved ones.”
He said, nodding.
After that, he opened the gates.
There I was, at the gates of Heaven, about to start my new old life…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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