A shocking heritage

It was Christmas, or Easter, or was it simply a random family gathering?
I don’t anymore, the fact is, that my entire family gathered together to celebrate something.
We were a huge family, keeping in touch with even the 5th degree relatives.
We held these gatherings on my great-grandma’s farm.
It was bi-annually renovated, the animals were amazingly cute, so it was always a blast to go there.
My great-grandma was 98 or 1000, I never really knew.
She was healthy as I was, always walking around doing stuff.
She loved to watch TV, so she actually had a bigger TV than we had.
But, time took its toll on her, and usually, there was always someone accompanying her.
This time around, I was the lucky one to keep her company.
Whilst,, my cousins and relatives think it’s tiring to keep her company, especially listening to her stories about some ages of gods and demons, I always loved it.
Maybe it’s because of my great-granny that I took a History major, but who knows, I always had a love for history.
The gathering was pretty lovely.
The food was amazing, there was no music, but everyone chit-chatted, and the entire atmosphere was nice, cozy.
I was talking with great-granny, bout a great war amongst the gods (again), when a slick looking, suited gentleman came up to us.
He was tall, shifty looking, with blood-red hair, and a suit that probably is worth more than my car.
“Your Eminence, I wish passage to the Stars of life realm.”
He said, suddenly kneeling, and kissing great-granny’s right hand.
“What are you doing to granny? Who are you?”
I said, slapping his hand away…
Which was eerily hot…
Like, I almost burnt myself just touching it briefly hot.
“Lass, careful now, you don’t know who I am…You…”
The gentleman chuckled, but his smile hid danger.
But right then, great-granny snorted.
“You okay granny? Here some water.”
I said, bringing a cup of water to her.
She drank slowly, but something was strange.
Looking to the man, he was frozen silly, sweating bullets.
“I apologize, Your Eminence!”
He said, kneeling once more.
“Help me up Elisabeth, we are going to the barn.
You, little bloodkid, come with us.”
Granny said.
I helped her up, and walked her to the barn, with the gentleman following us.
Nobody asked us what’s going on.
Nobody asked, why a stranger is at a family gathering…
Well, I was used to strangeness in family, so I just put my guard up, lest he will try something funny.
Entering the barn, I smiled.
It was filled with memories.
Me playing with my sisters and brothers, with my cousins.
We used to practice archery, and shooting here, also martial arts.
Then, we would go to the backyard garden, and see whose vegetable field is better.
Ah, the good old days.
But compared to my nostalgia, great granny sighed, while the gentleman trembled.
Granny than stopped holding me, and slowly walked to the middle of the barn.
Raising her finger, she suddenly slashed down with it.
I screamed, and went to her, thinking she fainted or hurt her back.
But thankfully, she was alright…
But I wasn’t, as in front of me, was a vibrating colorful door…
On the other side of it was a sea of trees, all of a different color…moving.
“The Stars of Life realm…Finally, I can have my breakthrough.”
The gentleman said.
He took a ring, and threw it to great-granny.
“This is the payment. 2 stars worth  of resources related to fortune.
Have a good day, Your Eminence.”
He said, jumping through the door.
As soon as he did that, the door disappeared.
“Elisabeth, let’s go back, I am hungry.”
Great-granny said, taking my arm.
I subconsciously started to walk.
“Granny….what was that?”
I asked.
“Our family was there when Yggdrasil shattered, and we were bathed in its essence as we were protecting it.
Since the tree’s fall, it was our family’s burden to ferry those who wanted to travel across all the realms.
Our family is spread across the multi-verse, but its main branch is here, on Earth.”
She said.
“All this…these are your stories…are these true?”
I asked.
“Yes, but not everyone can awaken these powers.
But those who awaken these powers, are virtually immortal.
I’ve been doing this for centuries, and only 5 others have awakened the space bridge power.”
She said.
“But they awakened other powers?”
I asked.
“Yes and no, but it’s no surprise to you that we are…different.
Healthier, longer lived, that’s also a power in a sense.”
She giggled.
She was right, my mother was 40ish, looked almost younger than me.
And in these years I’ve haven’t been ill, not even once.
“So, who do you think will awaken the space bridge power?”
I asked.
“It’s obvious.
You connected with that door I just made, otherwise, you couldn’t see the moving trees.”
She laughed.
“You can read my mind? No, never mind, I will…awaken that power?”
I asked.
“Yes, but don’t worry, it will take probably years, maybe decades.
After that, you will become like me.
And if I deem you good enough, I can finally leave this planet.”
She said.
“You will…”
I asked.
“No, god, no, haha, I will just be able to travel the worlds I can connect to.”
She said.
I sighed in relief.
We went back to the gathering, but for me, it was awkward.
But now, it did make sense how almost everyone in our family was well-off.
With such a shocking heritage, it’s no wonder we have an ace up our sleeves…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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