Asking help from an unexpected place

I was relaxing on my sofa, watching the cartoons, after a long week of fighting with heroes.
It’s annoying, how just because you tend to be a little extra with your researches and methods to get your hands on books, and materials, suddenly you are a “villain”.
Well, not that I mind it, like these people are leaving me alone, although, dealing with heroes is annoying.
Especially with those 2 self-absorbed, skewed-justice seeing idiots, who call themselves the Supreme Couple…
Always there, trying to beat the living hell out of me, just because I took this or that…
But never mind, today, is a day for self-care, a me-day.
Just as I wanted to get to the fridge, for a new box of ice-cream, a knock was heard on my door.
“Did I order something?”
I wondered, as I walked up to the door.
Listen, as a note, I live in huge house, inside a mountain, far away from any civilization.
So, only the restaurant I contracted and a few “friends” should know where I live.
That’s why I was so relaxed, opening the door.
And as I opened it, I dropped my jaw…
It was a kid…
A no more than 14-15 year old looking, girl.
Ponytails, a cute childish dress, all the stereotype in one form.
“Mr., you are the villain, Black Hole the Foolish Wiseman, right?”
She asked, in an annoyingly sweet voice.
Gosh, who babbled?
How the hell could a kid know me?
I said.
“You have that scar on your arm that was given by father, and the scar on your forehead, given by mother.
I am sure, I got the right person…this time!”
She said, in an awfully cheerful manner.
Wait a second…
You are the kid of those annoying…heroes?”
I asked.
“Yes, and I need your help!”
She said, pushing me away, and entering my home.
I…I am going to be honest.
I froze for a second.
This attitude was much more than what I expected.
I sighed, closed the door and went after her.
She was sitting at the table, in my living room.
“So, mission “get my parents like each other again” starts now, any ideas, Mr. Villain?”
She asked.
“Drop the act first, you are like 15, being the kid of those 2, you probably could humiliate most adults in both knowledge and wits.”
I said, rolling my eyes as I sat down in front of her.
“Okay, okay, listen, despite you being a human garbage, I need your help.”
Suddenly her tone became much colder.
“There’s the innate superiority of heroes, nice.”
I said, chuckling.
“You steal information, books, and dangerous chemicals, to try to replicate creation, and you use garbage, and dead flora as test subjects.
Aren’t you a human garbage?”
She questioned.
“At least, I am not killing anyone.”
I shrugged.
“Many have died, due to the things you’ve done.”
She said.
“Indirectly, maybe, not my intentions, and not my fault they haven’t listened to my warnings.”
I shrugged again.
Due to your deeds, you are my parents first archenemy.
So, if anyone, it is you who can have a huge impact on them.”
She said.
“Agreed, but, I don’t know what’s going on, and why the hell would I help my enemies?”
I asked.
“If they get a divorce, they will be less stable, more violent for one.
And as another reason, you would get on my bad side, and you don’t want that.”
She said, smiling coldly.
“That’s a villain’s line, kiddo, but I like it.
What’s in it for me?”
I asked.
Listen, don’t judge me.
I am both bored and intrigued, so I went with the flow.
“Okay, so the tensions came up after they’ve learn about my powers.”
She started her story.
“Your parents have superhuman attributes, telekinesis, and energy absorption as superpowers, well one of them has superhuman attributes, the other telekinesis and energy absorption.
Yours must be really random if they got in arguments, knowing how lovey-dovey they can be.”
I chuckled.
“Matter manipulation.”
She simply said, making a figurine out of a smaller part of my table, before transmuting it back.
 “Neat. Same system power as a part of mine, really cool though, but why was it a problem?
Matter and energy go hand in hand, this could simply be a more refined, slightly mutated power that stems from the energy absorption.”
I said.
“Yes, we know that.
But this power is a growth type one.
And it could solve a lot of problems, so my father wanted me to enroll in a secret academy, to sharpen, improve, grow my powers.
Mom on the other hand, thinks that I can learn alone how to use my powers slowly, and going into an environment such as that academy is too dangerous.
And now, they fight.”
She sighed.
“Why come to me, though?”
I asked.
“Argh…I already told you, you are their archenemy, also, you are the smartest villain, so you could help them get closer!”
She said.
“Not like that, I mean why come to me, with such a simple issue?”
I said, rolling my eyes.
“Simple issue? It concerns my parents and my own happiness!”
She said.
“I am referring to its complexity, gosh, you really are blinded by emotions, even though you are almost smart.”
I said, shaking my head.
“So this means you have a solution?”
She asked.
Nice control, she didn’t get mad.
“It’s actually quite simple.
Your dad wants your powers to grow and for you to become a great…hero.
Your mom wants you to be safe.
Isn’t that a simple problem to solve?”
I asked.
“The how, villain, tell me the how.”
She said, rolling her eyes.
“Just start taking commissions from friends, classmates, neighbors and so on to create stuff for them?
I mean, the variety and the frequency will sharpen your powers, and as they grow you can take on more difficult things to do.
Whilst doing so, you also gain some money.”
I said.
“Not that easy, I need to understand what I am creating…”
She said.
“Oh, is that so hard?
Give the clients a deadline, time in which you will study whatever you need to create.
Internet does exist…not that hard to find a video on “How a figurine, a TV, a motorcycle is built…” and so on…”
I said.
She was unconvinced.
“You will be home, thus safe, that’s your mother’s side’s problem checked.
You will constantly train, and improve your powers, and helping countless peoples, that’s your father’s side’s problem checked.
What else do you need?
I want to go back to my ice-cream and movie marathon…”
I said.
“Is it…Is it so simple?”
She asked.
“If it isn’t, send them to therapy, leave these matters in the hands of professionals.
Also, don’t go visiting villains all alone, you aren’t strong enough yet to do that.
Now, shoo, go, I have ice-cream waiting for me.”
With that, I shoved her out the door.
You know, a few months later, I got a perfect replica of myself, full-scale as an  “anonymous” gift.
I guess, it worked.
1 year later, the 2 annoying ones, popped out another kid, so I guess, it worked too well.
Well, the kid gained a younger sibling, just because she asked help from an unexpected place…
Hmm, maybe I just try going to other planets in order to find research material…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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