Misunderstood assignment?

Life as an adventurer isn’t easy.
Life as a top-ranked adventurer is even harder.
Sure, newbies and outsider hear and see only the glory and good parts of it.
All the high paying missions, all the honors and respect and fame…
If there is a dungeon break, who must take care of it? We do.
If there is a high-level monster rampaging, who must take care of it? We do.
If there is a war on sight, who needs to take part in ambushes? We do.
And if we don’t, we are labeled villains, traitors or attention-seeker fools.
Alas, I love my job, and I am lucky enough to have abilities that allow me to work alone.
That’s how I got this mission, of cleaning a disaster level dungeon, filled with monsters, and an ancient dragon as a boss, supposedly.
The dungeon itself was in the woods, close to 2 towns, and quite the handful of villages, so if an dungeon break would occur, the losses would be tremendous.
So, I instantly accepted it, and went on to do my job: clear dungeons.
The mobs in this dungeon were weird.
Skeleton, wraith, ghouls, classy undead creatures, would have been totally normal…
Had the monsters from floor 5-9 been not ents, sprites and elementals…
Then the monsters from floor 10-15 were kobolds…
The monsters from floor 16-35 were nagas, great serpents, lizardman, and drakes…
The monster from floor 36 to 50, were goddamn orcs, trolls, and giants…
And let me tell you, the order of these monsters were messed up, not at all how they supposed to appear.
No wonder, no adventurer team could clear this, they would be caught unguarded.
Thankfully, my ability of elemental control, and 6th sense made me an all-rounder, add to that my special bloodline that made me talented at martial arts, I can tackle most problems.
Even so, it took me 3 months to clear the dungeon of the normal monsters.
Mostly because they’ve started tribes, and communities already in their floors, and even enslaved adventurers and lumberjacks, that they caught.
After clearing the dungeon, sending the fool….the captives back home, and asking for the empire and the guild to send people for the loot, I’ve arrived at the big boss’ room.
Now, the door was ancient, engraved menacingly, made out of probably a special kind of jade.
Okay, now, this made it promising for me.
It actually might be a high level monster.
I might be able to gain new abilities after defeating it, or if it is truly an ancient dragon, I might be able to negotiate with it.
But the door wouldn’t budge.
After trying and trying, to push it, try to find a hidden lever or button, I hit it twice with my fist.
Of course, no damage has been done to it, as it was humongous, massive, and thick.
But then, a rumbling voice was heard.
“Come in.”
The voice said, and the door opened.
In I went, and I found myself in a wide forest, with a huge hut in the middle of it.
The hut’s chimney was smoking, so someone was in.
I didn’t went much in, when the hut’s door opened, and a dragon came out.
The dragon was at least 10 meter long, and 4 meters tall.
It had the color of the freshest spring green leaf, with a patch of pure-blood red on its stomach.
It wore a monocle, and had a really dignified air about it.
When it saw me, the dragon shrunk, and in front of me appeared a middle-aged man, in a turquoise suit, golden tie, the same monocle, and green cane.
“Welcome, welcome, I suppose you are the pest exterminator I’ve ordered, right?”
He said, in a jovial tone.
I was baffled.
I asked.
“Yeah, yeah, some pesky beasts were attracted by the mana concentration in my realm, and took nest around here.
I was too busy researching a way to enhance bloodlines, and purify wisdom genes, and couldn’t bother with them honestly.
So I asked a friend to hire a pest exterminator, that is you, am I right?”
He asked.
He used a lot of words, I didn’t understand.
“If you mean, the monsters in this dungeon, then yes, I’ve been hired to clear them, and clear them I did.”
I said.
“Good, good.
This is no mere dungeon.
Dungeons randomly spawn monsters, are chaotically layered, and are slowly evolving.
My realm, is perfectly neat and ordered, can grow limitlessly, and frankly it’s  much more mana dense than a normal dungeon.”
He said, a bit offended.
He was right, not many dungeons are disaster level ranked, actually there are less than 100 such dungeons.
“I apologize for the confusion, so, now that the dun..your realm is cleared, all we all good?”
I asked.
“Yeah, yeah, sure.
Here, take this elixir, it will enhance the titan bloodline in your body, and stabilize the barbarian bloodline you already somewhat awakened.”
He said, throwing a bottle to me, before turning back.
As he was leaving, he sent me a message.
“Tell the humans, not to barge in randomly, I might release some of my experiments to live freely here.
No worries, they are unable to leave without my permission, but they can defend themselves, if attacked in here.”
Was the message.
I left, dazzled.
When I arrived home, with the protection of my wife, and family I took the potion.
After a thorough inspection of course.
My body grew 50 centimeters…
My bones became like diamonds, my muscles chiseled like fine ground stone, my inner organs sturdy like obsidian, and filled with vitality like entire forests…
All these changes for the better, just because of a misunderstood assignment…
I became the very-first demigod of our race…
Which I was happy but sad about…
Happy, because I could offer more and more to my family, to my children…
Sad, because my workload, just became a thousand times more loaded…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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