Serving the most dangerous entity

The world we live in, is simply too dangerous, too chaotic.
People gained powers a few centuries ago, and now everyone is either a villain, a superhero or trainees in said categories.
We arrived to intergalactic levels due to these powers, but alas, we weren’t unique.
I am considered a minor villain, as I am the Head Butler of the one and only, Letors, the greatest villain of them all.
I take care of all his properties, come up with the management procedures of every single other estate of his, and most importantly I take care of his and his family’s daily needs.
Oh, yeah, you’ve read that right, he has a family.
3 daughters, 2 boys, his wife and 4 cats and 2 turtles.
Don’t let the Madam, the Misses and Young Masters hear about this, but personally, I am almost sure that Master loves those cats and turtles just a little bit more than he does them.
Especially the turtles, fine specimens, enhanced by my powers of growth, they are true walking towers, and Master loves them dearly.
You see, this is what people tend to forget.
Not all villains are actual monsters.
Master’s identity as the greatest villain, simply comes from but a few acts of willfulness and from the fact that he can’t be beaten by any or every hero.
Trust me, they’ve tried.
I’ve been serving Master for 6 decades now, maybe a bit more, since he was but a child.
My growth powers also help the powers of others grow and stabilize, that’s why I’ve been first groomed by Master’s great-grandfather.
And Master’s powers are impressive by themselves, as they are related to Space Comprehension.
These powers aren’t related directly to space control, no, they are much more, they allow Master to understand space.
So unlike usual space ability owning individuals, Master can do much more than just teleport, fly, or collapse space.
He understands the essence of space, he can create space, stretch or shorten space, and due to his understanding of space, he can also somewhat control gravity, time and matter.
But he’s not too greedy, he is more interested in the deeper secrets of space, thus he mostly meditates upon them, or spends time with his family.
To understand then why he is so feared, and a villain, let me tell you his deeds.
He stole the entire Louvre, miniaturized it and put it in a pocket space here in a room in the mansion.
It was a gift to the Madam, right the day when he proposed to her.
Quite the romantic man, Master is.
The entire French superhero community, alongside with quite a lot of European heroes, and mercenary heroes from all across the globe came knocking on our doors.
After all, we never hid where we are, it’s just that our family is a tad bit stretched across both sides of the world, so it’s not easy to directly act against us.
But that day, hundreds, if not thousands of top tier heroes came knocking on our doors.
At first, I thought Gregory and Matthew, our guardian beasts would deal with them.
But Master was afraid that Madam’s mood will be affected, and he sealed the space around us.
He let off all the heroes 2 weeks later, thankfully, they are superhuman, thus nobody died of dehydration or hunger.
Then next, it was the eldest Miss’ birth when he did something…frowned upon.
As his first born, he wanted to give an impressive gift to her, that will help her.
With my powers, I can feel the abilities that are slumbering deep within people, even children who haven’t awoken them yet.
I said, that the eldest Miss’ powers are Hydromanipulation, that can grow into weather control.
Thus, Master went to the Pacific Ocean and condensed 5% of its waters into a jewel, through his space manipulation and matter control.
That jewel made eldest Miss’ powers stabilize, skyrocket and evolve.
Let’s say that if someone would anger Miss Elisabeth, they would be dry husks in seconds.
Then born were the twin boys, oh, how proud Master was, and frankly everyone in the family.
Their powers were that of invulnerability and life-force control.
High-druid powers, if you ask me, but Master knew that these powers still have limits.
So, he went to several other planets, plundering their forests, and giving these forests to his sons.
Sealing this forests deep within their bodies, made the young Masters powers unable to be estimated.
After all, a druid is stronger the stronger their connection to nature is, and it gets as strong, as strong and vast the land they protect is.
At this point, our planet was attacked by several systems worth of fleets.
Revenge was called for.
Master foresaw this, and played a trick.
The fleets retreated, after they realized that space was stretched infinitely.
How did they realize it?
They were travelling through wormholes, and reached the solar system in 5 days, then it took them roughly 6 months to advance a centimeter.
That was the day, Master was labeled a galactic doomsday individual.
Then, born were the twin young Miss’.
Two pure bundles of joy and light.
Their powers were different from one another, one had that of light, heat and purifying elements, the other had the power the void, engulfing, extreme darkness.
Master chuckled, and then burst into an enormous laughter.
He stole a star and then he stole a black hole, feat which surprised even me.
Sealing these two items into the young misses, made them uncontrollable sadly, and he was saddened, but thankfully, I could seal their powers.
Master was scared, and he spent the next few years tending to his family, and only that.
Those years were my worst years, I had to run over all the world, and even other planets…
Thankfully, the cats and turtles, the Misses, the Young Masters, and Madam joined in to help me.
Ever since, it’s been a dozen or so years, and Master’s powers are still growing…
The Eldest Miss is a highly ranked hero, the Young Masters are also galactic heroes, terraforming dead planets.
The youngest misses…they are too young, but just by playing, they almost erased half of Australia once, so…I am bold to do it, but I assume they are already labeled villains…
This family is a handful to take care of…
But I wouldn’t change my job for anything in the universe…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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