Making my life easier

For a reason or another, the moment a new lottery or any new game with monetary prizes begins, if I am concentrated upon it, I can see the winning numbers, the winning answers and so on…
This came as a shock to me.
At first, I thought I am hallucinating, imagining things, because frankly told, I am often day-dreaming…
But then, week after week, my “dreams” were becoming reality.
Each weeks numbers were the ones I could see in my mind.
All the answers for questions in quiz games are the ones I can see in my mind.
This was real.
I started to plan.
I had a few good friends, whom I helped and who helped me in turn countless times.
I would make subtle suggestion to them, even gift them random tickets, with the winning numbers, “coincidentally”. (although, I would do this, max 2 times.)
Also, I spread it out during several years, lest I make it too obvious.
This way, 3 people around me won millions, and due to me being “slightly” involved in it, I benefitted from them.
But this was but the beginning of my plans.
With the money I’ve gathered, I started looking for strange individuals.
Day-dreamers like me, people who live in the unknown worlds of their own minds.
With the money I got off my good friends and my distant relatives “good luck”, it wasn’t hard.
Especially since news about weird occurrences, weird ideas, spread quite quickly.
After finding such an individual, I started to influence their life.
A small lucky money here, a small winning ticket there, and a few months later, bam they are millionaires.
Why is that good for me?
Because it’s making my life easier.
How is making other people rich, my life easier?
Simply because these people also have unique abilities like I do.
One of them is already working on a cure for multiple diseases.
One of them somehow managed to become the adopted child of a really rich, and influential family.
One of them founded several companies.
One of them casually thought of a way to make crops harvest what they need through sand. (don’t ask me how.)
One of them successfully became a politician.
One of them revolutionized public health and safety measures.
Essentially, they started to change the world.
Of course, I knew it was weird to have so many geniuses pop out randomly, so maybe something big was coming.
But with me giving resources to these prodigies early in their life, I built myself quite the good safety net.
When the calamity came, and of course it came, we weathered through it quite easily.
Now, it’s been 80 years, and I still look 20.
I live on a nice artificial moon, the size of a smaller island with my family.
Humanity is doing nicely, reaching a semi-intergalactic stage.
For a reason unknown, they always knew in what to invest, and what were the winning paths in wars…
For a reason unknown, they always had a myriad of geniuses to lead the advance.
For a reason known to me, I live a happy life.
I am not extremely rich, nor extremely influential, a few of the prodigies made the connections and befriended me, but that’s all.
They understood me.
I just was making my own life easier…through them.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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