Therapist for immortals

I am a therapist, nothing too fancy, but since a few years ago, my life has become much more interesting.
Out of nowhere, for a reason unknown to the main populace at least, I think the elite do know why, but whatever.
So, as I was saying, out of nowhere, groups of people from around the globe, came out, and declared their immortality.
At first, it was thought it was a hoax.
Then, governments started to support the validity of this claim.
A few immortals from southern-Asia even went on to publicly be shot at, stabbed, and even drowned, to prove, that they cannot die.
There was a big uproar, of course, but it died out in a few months.
Because the immortals interacted with everyone, answered any questions, and beat the crap out of anyone who tried to kidnap them. (You know very well, why someone would try to kidnap a proven immortal.)
A year later, things were back to normal, other than the fact that new cures for old diseases started to “miraculously” appear.
And now, a few year later, I even have a few patients who are immortal…
And today, is my first session, with one, whom is highly respected amongst the group of these special individuals.
Entering my office, I brew some tea and sent my secretary home.
Then a few minutes later, a knocking interrupted the silence that ruled over my office.
“Come in.”
I said.
The door opened, and in came a goddess.
Probably literally.
She was tall, extremely well-endowed and yet even muscular.
Her golden brown hair waved across her back.
She wore a black tank-top and black pants.
With a smirk and overly-sized sunglasses, she waltzed to my couch, throwing herself on it.
“Welcome, I assume you are Madam Hera, right?”
I said.
“Yes, I can smell the fragrance of a properly brewed green-tea, may I get some?”
She said, lazily.
“Sure, after all, I brewed it for us.”
I said with a smile.
Pouring a cup of tea for the both of us.
“Good tea.”
She said, after taking a sip.
I smiled.
I was quite proud of my tea brewing skills.
“So, Madam Hera, what made you come to me?”
I asked.
“Problems, obviously.”
She giggled.
“Indeed problems.
We all have our burdens to carry, more we live, the more we encounter, and the more we tire…
Indeed, problems, during one’s long life, it’s hard not to encounter a few problems.”
I nodded.
“You really like this joking type of therapy, right?”
She asked, shaking her head.
“Look, you’ve come to me for help, that’s a great first step.
You will talk, when you are ready to talk.
I have books, tea here, so we can stay in silence for the 3 hours of session you’ve booked, if that’s your wish.”
I said shrugging.
She sighed.
“This indirect method is actually working on me…
I can’t believe it.”
She giggled.
I laughed as well.
“What can I say, I’ve met a couple of the elite part of our world…
I had to come up with things to make them talk, and a nonchalant attitude was the best.
Although, once I held 12 sessions, before I even managed to get a “hello”, from the individual, but in the end, I got him to talk.”
I said.
“Elite? I am not part of the elite, I just live a very very long life…”
She sighed.
“Forgive me if I bother you with this, but you are looking pretty young to me.
At least, younger than I am.”
I said.
She laughed.
“Men and their attempts to soften the women.
Not going to lie, it works.
But if you think I am young, I shall tell you that I’ve been recorded in stories, that now are considered myths.”
She said, looking me straight into my eyes.
I laughed, pointed at my bookshelf, and shook my head.
“Don’t need to tell me.
Immortal plus named Hera, I instantly went into “14 year old” me mode, thinking about the Greek mythos’ I’ve read.”
I said.
“So, you believe I am immortal?”
She asked, finally taking her glasses off.
Her eyes were amethyst colored, like the most eccentric jewelry.
“Why wouldn’t I?
You come here to lessen your burdens, not to increase them.
I don’t judge, I don’t comment unnecessarily, I listen and try to help and nothing more.”
I said.
“Then, you also think that I am a vengeful bitch, who curses children and women alike?”
She said, with not a change in her tone.
I froze, for a solid second, but thank God I am not a newbie.
“No, not at all.
Myths, stories, legends are subjective fact written by great story-tellers.
And a good story, needs both exaggeration and darkness in it, otherwise it will be too…
Too normal.”
I said.
“So, what do you think about me, about Hera, the Greek Goddess, and wife of Zeus?”
She continued.
I sighed.
“I don’t know.
In the myths and legends, your actions are over a certain limit, but…”
I started.
She asked, smiling.
“Goddess of families, fertility, marriage amongst many other things…
Leader figure amongst all the goddesses, and wife of the center figure of an entire Pantheon.
I would say, being cheated on for such a being, especially since you govern over marriages, might be worse than death.”
I said, my honest opinion.
She laughed, with a thunderous laugh, she laughed so much that even tears started to flow.
“We started a life in Greece, because we thought it was suitable.
It just felt right.
We weren’t gods, but as immortals with certain unique skills and visionary thinking, we weren’t far away from that level, especially from your perspective.”
She started after she finished laughing.
“your” I thought, she seems to differentiate themselves from humans quite normally.
“I met the man you know as Zeus there, but decades after my friends and I started our lives there.
Then, this led to that, and that led to this and we became ruling gods.”
She said, looking to the ceiling.
“Were you happy?”
I asked.
“Oh yeah, at the beginning, extremely.
We invented new things, helped the Greeks try it out, test it, implement it.
A part of Greece was even Atlantis back in the days, that’s where a younger sister of mine started to spread her scientific thinking.
It was amazing.
I was more of a …woman.”
She said, chuckling.
“I was interest in lifespans, in safe childbirth, in cute children, and happy couples.
So I preached about monogamy, about long lasting marriages, and happiness in finding your soul mate.
Quite annoying, right?”
She said.
“It’s a beautiful vision, but it needs both parties to work hard for it, because time…
Time changes all.”
I said.
“How right you are.
A small mistake here, a small forgotten date there.
A cute gesture to a young girl here, a night spent with a married woman there…
And the customary: “It was a mistake, I am sorry, it’s you who I truly love!” excuse afterwards…”
She started saying, as she smiled…but I felt her pain…
“So, he cheated on you as in the stories…
That was painful, and could make an everlasting scar.”
I nodded.
“Indeed, but that isn’t the worst part.
I didn’t pursue the issue, and simply left him.
I left and took care of the people, of the land, of my fellow immortals…”
She said.
I could see where this was going.
“But then he wanted to make humans, immortal as well…”
I said.
“Not bad, little one, you guessed it almost right.
He wanted to make his kids, and loved ones immortal.
And we could, a certain number at least, after all, the resources needed to actually make someone immortal in the same regard as we were…weren’t easy to gather.”
She said.
At this, I almost audibly gasped.
Thankfully, I wasn’t a newbie.
“I objected, and even banished a few youngsters, who tried to mingle with us.
And they, indeed died, due to hunger, wars, diseases soon after, just like everyone else.
So, in a way, I indeed killed them, but not directly.”
She said, sighing.
“Not your fault.
Immortality seems like both a gift and a curse, not everybody can wield it properly.
Don’t take upon a guilt, that shouldn’t be yours.”
I said.
“There is no guilt here, just pain…
In the end, we are immortal, can stay in one place forever.
My friends left, my ex-husband was out, making new immortals with the limited potions he got from his portion.
And I was left alone, trying to find my way, now that our status as gods was shaken, broken…”
She said.
“You are a kind woman, it must’ve been hard for you.”
I said.
“Kind? I’ve been a warmonger, a protector, a killer…
Nobody has ever considered me kind…”
She said.
“Reasons might crop up, motivation for killing isn’t hard to find sadly…
But reasons for spreading love, health safety, that must’ve been a really novel idea back in those days…”
I said.
“Not really, fellas from Asia, Egypt, even the 2 Americas were already doing some sort of things like that.
They’ve been longer in power, you see.”
She said, shaking her head.
“Still, here you cemented those ways, even if you weren’t the first one to use or think about them.
Don’t sweat the small details, think about the life you lived, and will live.”
I said.
“A life, where everyone thinks I am Public Enemy Number.1.
And a long life, where everything is a small detail, yet I can’t seem to stop thinking about them…
“What if I annoy that person?”, “What if I scare that child?”, “What if they think I am a monster?”…
These thoughts…never stop haunting me.”
She said.
Terrible, I thought, but it was finally something I already met countless times.
“Valid fears, but, have you ever made a child smile?”
I asked.
“Yes…I ..”
She said, but I interrupted her.
“Have you helped a woman, a man ever do something?”
I asked.
“Of course, how couldn’t I…”
She said, but I interrupted her again.
“Have you ever gotten complimented by someone? Thanked for something? Or asked for advice, counsel or simply, asked to give support?”
I asked.
She nodded, and smiled.
“You see, you can save the world from hunger, stop natural calamities, expand the land so there is no problem of overpopulation, eradicate all forms of diseases, make peace, make peace with other planets, hell, even make everyone immortal…
You would still find countless people that would hate, curse, and simply, mock you.”
I said.
She sighed, and quietly played with her hands.
Over my…I’ve met…I know…*Sigh*, why can good people turn bad, and bad people turn worse?”
She asked.
“Because life isn’t easy, and rather than facing an invisible threat such as emotional, psychological trauma, or things like hardships in general, living beings rather vent their negative feelings on others.
And that’s sadly normal, since it does help lessen the severity of problems, for a while, but it’s not a solution.
But you must’ve seen also bad people gone good, and good people gone better as well.”
I said.
“Yes, but their number is…is so…insignificant.”
She said.
“Yet, they must’ve made the greatest impact on you, and on everyone around them.”
I said.
“Just like the bad ones.”
She countered.
I nodded, she was right.
“But that’s how life is, bad and good existing at the same time.
If you follow the good parts of life, you will surely encounter bad parts as well, but in the end, all that matters is how you see it.
Learn from them, become better through them or just let them scar you?
What will you do?”
I asked.
“You are asking me?
Shouldn’t you give advices to me on this matter?”
She asked, smiling.
“Not really, I can’t give advice on such a heavy topic.
I give you my insights, and great things other people said, and done.
After all in the end, it’s you who will make the decision.”
I said.
“You are an immortal as well, right?”
Suddenly she said.
“Excuse me?”
I asked.
“Too much beating around the bush, and too much leisure in dealing with these topics.
Either you are an expert actor, and professional therapist, or an immortal just like me.”
She said, scanning me all over.
I laughed.
“I am flattered, but I am fully human.”
I said.
“So am I.”
She countered, giggling.
“Never mind, while you said nothing concrete, this was indeed helpful.
It made my mind clearer.”
She suddenly said, standing up.
Looking at my clock, I saw that it has been 3 hours indeed.
“Time to end this.”
I said.
“I will be back next week, and we shall talk about me being Juno, those years were even more interesting.
Also, I will expect more subjectivity from you, and personal opinions.
I am not your normal patient.”
She said, leaving.
I smiled, and nodded.
After she left, I took a look at my schedule.
Monday: Hera
Tuesday: Mr. Simon
Wednesday: Loki
Thursday: free
Friday: Mrs. Lettiole
“Hmm, 2 immortals in one week…
It’s quite the coincidence.
Well, it’s interesting and not that different from my usual patients…
Sad thing, this first session was all a farce, just to show that I am not a fame seeking idi…individual.
Well, it will be better next week, and I have a feeling I should prepare properly and doubly for Wednesday’s session…”
I murmured, as I left my office…

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