The only ones to understand

The world forgotten about the olden days, but oddly enough it remembered the older ones.
It forgotten when the creatures of the dark allied with them to fight off the greater dangers lurking around, but it remembered the days when the creatures of the dark were enemies.
It forgotten the days of peace and quiet, and bountiful harvests that came along with the cooperation of the races, but it remembers the conflicts and bloodshed.
Now, the world is banishing the creatures of the night, far away from the lands that were protected by them.
It is by law prohibited to help them, not like many would do so anyway.
But there are always ones that still remain strong and steadfast with their beliefs.
For generations, the creatures of night protected a coalition of twelve villages far in the northern lands.
And the villages were immune to peer pressure, for they were strong themselves, united and self-sufficient.
They were open to trading with others, but weren’t dependent on them.
They were strong, because they cooperated well with the creatures of the night.
Just by exchanging a bit of blood, a bit of nails and hair and they had the chance to get a percentage of the powers the creatures had.
Also, they could train well by themselves.
But the world considered them traitors, heretics, sell-outs.
They completely quarantined the twelve villages zone, and prohibited the entrance to that region.
This, sat well with the villages, after all, they wouldn’t leave their safety places for such a simple reason.
And time proved that they were the only ones to understand how harsh reality truly is.
For the ancient enemies came again, and they came swift and strong.
The world’s kingdoms and empires fell one after another, and an united front was quickly created against them, but it was slowly losing ground.
The far northern regions were attacked as well, once.
For once the enemies tried to enter these lands, and the men, women of the world alongside with the creatures of the night repelled them easily.
The northern lands became a graveyard and a forbidden zone for the invaders.
This made the world happy, for they’ve seen a ray of light amidst the sea of dark clouds, but they were wrong.
For all their requests fell on deaf ears.
For all their pleading, and begging was ignored.
For the villages remembered the small skirmishes done by “rogue bandits.”
For the creatures of night remembered the “crusades” done “righteously” against them.
But when the world was on its last leg, they couldn’t bear to watch and acted.
The villages and creatures of night swarmed out, proving that one village wasn’t inferior at all to an empire.
Men, women and even slightly older children participated, and fought valiantly side-by-side with a contracted creature of the night.
Liches, skeletons, wraiths, ghosts, revenants, dragons, drakes, werewolves, druids, vampires, dullahans, fae, spirits of all kinds, all those who were hidden in the shadow due to the overbearingness of the light came to help their oppressors.
For they know, and they were the only ones to understand.
Without light, darkness losses it’s meaning.
Without the world, the creatures of the night have no place to be.
So they fought, and they won, and this time they made sure that they won’t be the only ones to understand…
To understand that cooperation is needed in dealing with the real dangers out there…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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