Heroes aren’t perfect

We’ve been living in peace for a long time.
Ever since the hero defeated the 6 Evil Lords, we’ve been living in harmony together with the races with whom we were waging wars previously.
It was a miracle.
Under the hero’s hard work and management, we actually managed to start to understand each other.
Now, the hero has gone to lands unknown, and his stories are still going strong, being legends and bed time stories.
But I want more.
I want to know more about the hero, and since I have a special set of skills, I know what I had to do.
I had to and already did track the hero’s one and only child.
A young woman, who is working at an orphanage.
How charitable, as expected of the hero’s child, helping those in need.
And now, I was going to visit her.
The journey was smooth, but it was long since she settled in a town at the edge of our empire.
After I arrived, I was really nervous.
After all, I was about to meet the person who was the offspring of someone I idolatrized.
I went up to the orphanage, and I already could see dozens of kids running around in the garden playing.
But…they were all…all from different kingdoms and empires.
I just raised my hand to open the door completely so I can enter, when the door swung open, and a young woman appeared in front of me.
She was taller than me, with long fiery red hair and green eyes.
She wore grey, rugged looking clothes, but they still couldn’t hide her well-developed physique and muscles.
“What are you snooping around here? These kids won’t work for any gangs, nor nobles without my permission, so either show me something legally binding that ensures the small ones safety or piss-off.”
She said, quickly and violently like an erupting volcano.
“Hello, I am…”
I started to say.
“Some royal kid, who wants to talk about my pops, am I right?”
She cut me off, snorting.
“How did you…?”
I started to ask.
“Your rings, your robe, the goddamn annoyingly strong perfume, your sword, your stance and your damn violet eyes? That are the defining features of our empire’s royals? Are you daft?”
She said, rolling her eyes, leaving.
Seeing she didn’t say anything, I just followed her in.
The kids swarmed me, but a maid that came with me, managed to catch their attention with some candies.
Entering the actual building of the orphanage, I followed the young woman to the kitchen.
“If they will have toothaches after this, I am going to boil that maid as medicine.”
She said, while stirring a pot of something.
“Listen, we don’t want to impose…”
I said.
“You are, and you are annoying.
Nice etiquette by the way, following me in, without asking if you can come in.”
She said, turning around, facing me with her arms crossed.
“Look, I just want to ask a few questions, and we will leave.”
I said.
“Go ahead kid.”
She answered.
“I am not a kid, we are roughly the same age!”
I said, as age was something really sensitive for me.
“Whatever, at least I don’t have to re-tell my entire story, seeing you know my age.”
She said, with a dangerous glint in her eyes.
“Tell me about your father, the greatest hero of them a…”
I started, but she interrupted me.
“A monster in human skin. Absolutely no morals, ambitious and thick skinned bastard.
Would do anything to achieve what he wants, even selling his daughter in exchange of some rare treasures.”
She said, with a tone colder than anything.
I froze for a bit.
“A-a-are you talking about the chosen one…the one who saved us from the evil lords and unified all our races? Made it possible that we cohabit and erased all conflicts based on cultural and ethnical differences?”
I stuttered.
“Oh, he did those things alright, but does anyone care why he did them?”
She said.
I felt, like I had to ask.
“Because if he played the role of the saint, and maxed out his usefulness, then he would be able to do whatever he wants, whilst “saving” the world.”
She rolled her eyes.
“What he wants?”
I asked.
“Women, men, pets, treasures, weapons, houses, travel opportunities, food, whatever he wanted, he took.
And if someone complained?
He just made them disappear, what would people even do?
Impeach the hero?…
That was what he always said, with an annoying smirk on his face..”
She sighed.
“You want to tell me that he was a …”
I couldn’t finish, but thankfully she finished instead of me.
“A monster.
You see those kids outside?
All his handiwork.”
She said.
“You mean…or you mean…”
I said.
Some are cursed by him after he killed their parents, some are my half-siblings.
Bastard went around doing whatever he wanted.”
She said, shrugging.
“How…how is that the world…how is that he still is…how…”
I murmured.
“As I said, he did save the world.
For selfish reasons? For sure.
Did he save countless lives? For sure.
Did he also destroy countless lives? For sure…
And now here I am, taking care of his mess…”
She sighed.
I couldn’t say anything.
I left my bag of coins on the table and left.
I instructed my men to take care of the orphanage, seriously warned the nobles and bandits around here and left…
I know my teacher told me I shouldn’t try to dig up everything about my personal hero…
He said that often, reality is disappointing…
I guess he knew the truth…
Heroes aren’t perfect.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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