Enjoying eternal imprisonment

I am a simple undying demon.
Used to have fun with humans and other demons back in the days.
I never did anything too extreme, at least, not for a demon.
But I managed to anger a mage, that sealed me into a ruby crystal coffin.
Well, it is made out of ruby, because rubies are under my rule, rubies and emeralds, and most precious stones.
After all, I was a high ranked earth demon.
But whatever, that was 8 thousand years ago, and I’ve been so cozy in here.
No archduke trying to steal my treasuries.
No underlings crying for a raise of wage.
No wars against enemy clans.
No thieves trying to take my favorite ornaments.
No humans, elves or other races trying to wage war on my territory.
Just me, a nice cozy place and quiet sleep time.
But sadly, I couldn’t enjoy my eternal imprisonment for too long.
Because some smartasses belonging to some demon worshipping cult, are right now surrounding me with candles and stuff and chanting, trying to free me.
And I am desperately trying to stop them…
“Listen dwarves, elves and…seriously? Draconians? Well, whatever, listen, I am happy in this cage of mine, it’s relaxing, I had enough action, let me sleep!”
I said to them.
“Oh Great One, we are far too below your knowledge and wisdom, thus we don’t understand your words!
Worry not! We will release you from thy bindings, without side-effects, and let you wreck-havoc over these impure lands!”
One of them chanted.
I sighed.
Great, a fanatic, psycho, just what I needed.
“Let me spell it out for you, I   L-I-K-E   I-T   H-E-R-E! L-E-T   M-E   S-L-E-E -P!”
I said, ultra-slowly.
“Oh Great Old One, we are absolutely flattered by your care, but don’t worry!
Even if it costs our lives, we will free you!”
Another one of them said.
Oh great, now they call me old…
I sighed.
I never thought I would root to the overreacting, drama-queen who sealed me here, but…
“Please, tell me you placed countermeasures, in case someone tries to free me…”
I muttered.
It was weird for a demon to be praying, but I really wanted to relax, at least a few millennia more…
It’s not like I couldn’t escape if I wanted to.
But I simply wasn’t interested in the mess that’s the outside world.
And now, these fools are trying to free me…
Or at least, they hoped to, but just as I was thinking this, the coffin shined, and turned the fools into snakes.
“oh right! The dude that trapped me wasn’t a mage, he was a warlock!
Quite proficient with reptile bloodlines…”
I thought.
Huh, seems like I didn’t have to worry after all.
Back to napping…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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