It’s simple, respect the elderly

Look, life isn’t easy.
Food, water, clothes, a roof over your head, taking out your darling on a date, taking care of the kids, these all need money.
But the legal ways to get money are limited, and the mouths to feed are many, so crimes run rampant, no matter how hard people try to stop them.
But, there is a city of a rather impressive size, that is ordered, and both light and shadow has its own laws.
While the shadow was filled with illegal activities, it was still ordered, and with its own laws.
And I’ve been born in this city.
Slowly working myself up through the ranks, from a cannon fodder to a mob moss.
Well, family boss.
It’s a family business after all.
Our family is dealing with a lot stuff, but mostly protection, running a few shops, malls and sending the mail.
But we are ordered, and in good relations with the other families.
The light side of the city is cracking down on us hard and often, we need to band together.
A few backstabby accidents do happen, but that’s how life is.
But, not with our family, for our rules are simply.
1) Respect others
2) Help all whom you can
3) Help the elderly regardless of situation.
4) Family above everything else
5) If the women don’t agree with a commission, we don’t accept it
It’s quite simple.
Especially the “help the elderly.”
This city is filled with retired bosses, CEOs and veterans.
They like the lakes, the parks, and the filthy air, reminds them of the good old times.
I don’t know how many times we had to educate our kids not to get cocky.
You never know whom you are messing with.
The nerd at school? Grandson of a veteran with dozen of friends that could level our family.
The hot looking teacher? The daughter of an ex-high level military personnel.
The elderly man who was just walking his dog? Your grandfathers brother.(this…actually happened with my son. Thankfully, he recognized him before his friends started to mock him.)
And so on.
It’s a good lesson to learn early on, in our lives.
Respect and be kind with others if you can, because you never know who you are dealing with.
But if they are the ones who start getting nasty?
Well, then would be the ones who don’t know who they are dealing with…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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