Early Summoning

I was reading the new issue I’ve just bought from my favorite comic series, when I started to feel dizzy.
First I thought it was because I’ve eaten nothing since yesterday, with work and all that, it has been hectic.
But then, it started to get worse, and I realized something was off.
But it was too late, and everything went dark.
I don’t know what happened, but next thing I know is that I am in this wait too shiny room.
I don’t remember much from what happened there, but the gist was that I needed to save a world or something?
I don’t know, something cliché like the games and novels I used to play and read.
The next I knew is that I was on a new planet.
I expected adventure, fights, battles and even a bit of romance. (don’t blame me, I’ve been reading a tad bit too many novels.)
But, what greeted me was a barren wasteland.
And not the kind of wasteland you would see in post-apocalyptic worlds, or in really damaged environments.
No, this barren wasteland was a wasteland simply because…it was too early.
The planet was cold, its core barely alive, the star of this system was still young and for a reason or another, the radiations weren’t affecting this planet that much.
I walked and walked, and with my own cheat-like powers, I explored the entire planet.
And my initial statement wasn’t changed.
Not a speck of life or greenery anywhere…
But I had a fancy skill: “Create” and I remembered my favorite games: simulation and management games…
“Well, in the annoyingly white room, I seemed to hear that I needed to defeat someone or something evil…but maybe I just have to give life to this planet?”
I murmured, and started right away.
First, I dug deep down, and started heating up the core.
Then, I started to fill up any canyon, sinkhole or a crack larger than a few hundred meters with water.
As a cheat, my power was unlimited, and my creation took energy from my surroundings to create the things I wanted.
And since this was another world, seems like a weird energy form was everywhere, so it made my job so much easier.
After the water problem was solved, I created forests and mountains.
After creating them, I started adding water to them as well.
After everything was done, I took a look at the makeshift calendar I made…
It’s been a few thousand years.
I know, I know, what a cheat.
I did what the planet would’ve done normally in millions of years in but a few millennia.
But now, I had to create life, didn’t I?
But I couldn’t, and I didn’t have to, because I already did, no?
After all, plants and trees are already alive.
All I had to do was to chill, and wait.
Well, in order to quicken the pace, I modified a few trees according to my image of the tree of life I read so many times in novels…
These trees amplified and spread the energy that was surrounding us.
Thus making mutations stable and much more frequent.
New species of trees and plants started popping out after just a few centuries.
And I could swear that the oceans I’ve created, started having some life-forms, after a meteor shower hit us…
This was a really early summoning, but…
But it was worth it.
I can see the beginning of everything with my own two eyes.
And with the powers I’ve gained, I can also help and also watch everything evolve…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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