Abomination requested by the guardian god

I was floating in the void, feeding of the nightmares of the universes around me.
It was so relaxing.
Nobody wanted to approach me, since I was an Eldritch entity.
Thus, I was able to relax, grow stronger by eating the negative emotions of the universes that surrounded me, while learning stuff by invade…ahem, visiting mortal dreams.
I was sleeping so well, such a nice comfort has enveloped my entire being, when I felt a tug.
“Ugh, who the hell is trying to summon me?
Most mortals should know I am someone who won’t listen to their summons…”
I thought, as I tried to find the dream that just slipped away.
Then, the tugging became fiercer and fiercer, until it was almost forceful.
“Oh my sweet dreams…
Okay, okay, I am going, going!”
I whispered, as I gave in to the feeling of tugging, and my consciousness was swept along with it.
I was going along with this summoning, and suddenly found myself in a statue.
The statue was made of pure and perfect jade of the highest quality, carved in one of my forms.
A humongous bear with twelve legs, 2 heads in a sleeping position.
And as I entered the statue, I saw who summoned me.
The annoying one.
You always stopped my bothersome brothers and sisters from entering physically the realms around us…
You even threatened me, why…why did you disturb my sleep, it was so nice…”
I said, yawning mid-sentence.
“You are still sleepy, Obelee?
I’ve been summoning you for 3 centuries, and you just came, you just be rested.”
The annoying one chuckled.
“3 centuries? That’s…that’s not even a nap…”
I answered.
“I am the Guardian, had a name, but it’s too long of a story.”
He started.
“Just tell me what you want, if the story is too long, I will lose my sleeping time…”
I said.
“You really aren’t like the other horrors.”
The annoying one chuckled.
“horrors? We are just beings born before time and space existed, so even before reality was created.
Thus…if you…mere mortals see us, you can’t comprehend our existence completely…
And that small amount that you comprehend…drives you mad…”
I said.
“Some of you enjoy feasting on mortals.”
He answered.
“Tastes differ, what can I say.”
I shrugged.
“Despite being lazy, you speak perfectly my language with sounds and not telepathically…why is that?”
He asked.
“Stop with your questions, and ask you request…
also, I swim across the dreams of the mortals, I learn stuff…”
I said.
“Okay, okay, the statue is cracking, seems you are really hell-bent in going back to sleep.”
He chuckled.
I just snorted.
“*Sigh*, your brothers gave birth to countless children of their own, and a few of them went into the direction of endless reproduction entity.
They can overwhelm a world in a few weeks, a galaxy in decades and a universe in a few millennia…
I need you to help the guardian deities of each universe to stop them.”
The annoying one requested.
“You want me to deal with cubs!?
I might be called the Dream that covers Life and The One who sleeps, so I might be seen as a coldhearted monster, but I won’t raise my paws against cubs!”
I said.
The annoying one widened all his 8 eyes.
“You…you aren’t a coldhearted monster?
You…you really are different.”
He sighed.
“I get it, we erase entire realms from existence, from reality, but to us, that’s just simply returning to origin.
I have bloodthirsty brothers and sisters, and have psychopaths and tyrants amongst them as well…
But some of them are just breathing, eating and living…and yet they cause you damage…
Is it their fault that our very existence is out of sync with the current situation?”
I said.
“Can you help…in any way?”
He asked, after a period of silence.
“Listen, annoying one.
I can give you ways to stop the spreading of the cubs, and I can give you methods to stop the feeding process of my brothers and sisters…
But they will adapt to them, and become even fiercer…
You know us…we are the ones who were born out of nothing, bored so much that we simply came into being…”
I said.
He paled a bit at that, but he recovered and nodded seriously.
He ended the ritual, and I could feel slipping back into my true form.
“Here, these are the methods, and let me let you in a little secret.
You all, and those before you, you were born of the matter that we created by simply being alive…”
I said, transmitting information into his mind.
At this, I saw him roll all his eyes and faint.
I just shrugged, he didn’t die, so I had nothing to worry about, after all, he was able to fight my brothers and sisters.
When I went back to my body, I found the dream I was having, and slipped back into it…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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