The girl painted by the gods

Our world was a messy world.
The space, the void around us was littered with matter and energy rarely seen in the endless cosmos.
Thus, obviously, it was a highly sought commodity, the area itself that is, and conflict was natural around it.
Of course, we mere mortals weren’t even thought of yet, it was the battlefield of the gods.
Thousands of them, of all the factions existing across the endlessness out there swarmed towards this place, vying for it.
In the end, they couldn’t decide a true winner of the entire conflict, so they went for a truce.
After all, it was an extremely rich area, it could help all of the gods present to create realms, and spread their faith.
And so, they banded together, making sure that no outside forces could ever intervene in the matters of this area.
And thus, our Thousand Realms World was born.
As you can guess, having thousands of different cultures so close to each other has its benefits and downsides as well.
While we have a lot of fields to study, a lot of gods to take guidance from, and a lot of resources made by the presence of the gods… (A godlike entity can convert matter and energy in resources by simply existing, as the resources are the byproduct of the entity consuming the matter and energy for strengthening themselves.)
There are a lot of problems.
Wars and conflicts large and small are normal for us, but it’s all regulated, so they aren’t completely cruel.
If a resource is vied for multiple races, towns, kingdoms and so on…, we make a contract in the name of the gods each of the participants worship/follow/serve/work for and state the conditions and ways of solving the conflict.
Usually it’s all-out battles, or 1 on 1 amongst the elites, so a war in the real meaning of the word is actually pretty rare. (Yeah, I know, pretty much denies what I’ve previously said.)
Other than that, we are quite recognizable in the wide endless cosmos as well.
We are all branded at 18, by a little tattoo showcasing the symbol of the god or goddess that chose us, and planted a seed of their power in us.
Nothing too fancy, a whatever colored hammer here, a face with twelve eyes there, you know, the usual symbols.
Well, you see, I am a giantess, of the northern tribes, in our Frozen Lightning Realm.
I am tall, slightly muscular, with long silver hair, but that’s not the point. (even though, I know I am gorgeous.)
The point is my skin is like freshly fallen silver snow. (so, really pale, with a silvery shine.)
It didn’t help my situation either the fact that I was born with innate divine strength…
Or the fact that I was the granddaughter of the High Priestess…
So, you can imagine, that when I was closing in that 18th year mark, everyone was hyped.
“Oh, who is the god or goddess that blessed our little Beatrice?”
Or “ Oh, will she break the records and have more than 9 god marks?”
And so on, were the topics that circulated around me.
Since our tribe was a relatively strong one, we were often hired as guards, mercenaries and soldiers, so we weren’t unknown.
So now, people from other realms also started to come by, wanting to see how my ceremony will go…
And when the day come, it was…annoying.
I had to be naked for the ceremony, which wasn’t that bad, as a warrior, I didn’t mind getting naked.
Although, the gazes I got were really annoying, and I marked a few targets, ahem, individuals that I had to “talk” with after it.
And then, at roughly when the sun was right above the tallest tree, my body started to heat up, and flicker with lights.
Tattoos appeared all over my body…like literally everywhere.
All tattoos had different colors, and on my pale skin they were really striking.
As I said, I am a giantess…
I have a lot of skin to cover, yet I was almost entirely covered in tattoos.
And since it’s done by the fate created by all the gods, it looked actually good, and it wasn’t random…
But it didn’t stop there…
The moment the last light disappeared, and the last tattoo was added to my body, the tattoos started to wriggle and shift.
All the gods symbols changed and merged, and soon a single tattoo that spanned across my entire body was formed.
I got a really…bad taste name after this.
“The girl painted by the gods.”…
Seriously, all my previous achievements,  my struggles got erased by the fact that now, my natural skin color became just a background for this tattoo…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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