Marriage of the creepy kind?

I final had the courage to confess to the girl I often saw at the bookshop.
She, for a reason unknown to me agreed to go on a date with me, and the relationship snowballed from that point on.
From dates once a week, to meeting up daily to discuss new books, movies, shows and talking about our favorite authors, actors, celebrities in general.
It was really weird.
I was an IT guy, she was a designer.
While I would say I was above average looking, she was gorgeous.
She had long, dark green hair, beautiful blue eyes, she was tall and lean with her fingernails always painted black.
She always wore oversized hoodies, and sweatpants, but they all looked so good on her! (yeah, this might be the sight of a man in love, so do excuse me.)
And then, we moved in together.
Well, I moved in with her, since she was already had a rather huge, two story house in the suburbs.
It was blissful.
It still is.
I don’t know whom I saved in my previous life to be worthy of such a woman.
She just gets me.
Regardless if I am in a good mood or bad mood, she always knows what’s going on in my head.
And she patient.
Also, she’s an amazing creator, in the basement she had plenty of creepy, horroresque items made by her own, two, pretty and dainty hands.
Ah, how happy I was when I put the ring on one of those hands, after she said yes.
And how happy I was when we finally get married.
It was just perfect, I tell you nothing more but, during the two weeks of honeymoon, we didn’t really…sleep *wink wink*.
And then, everything started to get better.
She was finally much more open, and relaxed around me.
Sometimes even walking around naked, with a hammer and knife, as she was sculpting and making stuff around the house.
She worked on a PC, for her job, that is.
But her true calling was with her two hands, as statues and paintings of utmost beauty sprang to life under her lively fingers.
Although, I depict it as paradise on Earth, our life wasn’t perfect.
She spent a lot on materials, while I spent a lot on figurines and books.
Also, our friends didn’t like to come over.
I don’t know why, though.
We had an amazing knife collection in the kitchen.
We had two statues wielding real axes in the living room.
Her friends can shrug off the statues and weird paintings, but they were scared off by the basement, and our room.
She’s a horrorphile, so half the room is filled with posters from horror movies, shows, and filled with weird masks, daggers and so on.
My part of the room is filled with fandom merch, so it’s equally weird.
My friends on the other hand, got scared out of their mind, when my sweetie opened the door, with an apron covered in what looked like blood. (she was cooking, and it was jam)
We laughed it all off.
Soon, we started to sell her art online, and it gained quite the popularity.
We might be called creepy from time to time, but it is good, I enjoy it.
A marriage of the creepy kind, but all worth it, since she’s perfect for me…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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