Zoe, Hades’ Daughter

Hello there.
My name is Zoe, and I’ve been born in Hell.
Well, not the Hell you are thinking of I guess, but the Greek one.
You know, actually it’s better known as Underworld, and it’s the realm of my pops.
Yep, I am the daughter of Hades.
It’s not a big deal though, but since I’ve been sent to a human high school, so I can have a normal childhood(Thanks mom.), I have to blend in well…
But let’s say it’s harder than I thought.
At first I was so happy.
Got to leave that gloomy palace, although I miss mom’s dome, where all the spring plants and trees can be seen, and also pop’s library, it was still suffocating.
Yeah, it’s all nice to learn how to use my powers, and play with Cerberus but, a girl wishes for more, you know?
So, when my pops brought up at one special dinner, that he enrolled me into a human high school, I was ecstatic.
My mom and I went shopping for clothes, and granny Deme also came along, although she almost had a fight with pops, but mom calmed them down. (A lot of misunderstandings when it comes to gods.)
Well, anyway, my happiness lasted for 2 entire days, before pops remembered that he had some conditions. (it were more of statements and demands, than conditions, but he gets depressed if I correct him.)
First of all, I had to make sure I don’t use my powers, since, it’s been a few millennia since the gods decided it’s time to not meddle with the mortals.
It wasn’t that big of a deal, I had perfect control over my powers, I’ve been only training control over the last 10 years. (And it would be really bad if I used my powers near humans.)
The second condition was again, more like a statement.
My name shall be chosen by my dad.
I begrudgingly agreed, but the 3rd condition was terrifyingly laughable.
He had the guts to ask me to be “low-key” and “average”.
And don’t misunderstand me, I am not an attention-seeker, and indeed as all godlings, I can also change my figure more or less.
But as my mother, I also am completely unable to control my hair’s color and growth.
My mother’s hair changes color through the seasons alright, mine on the other hand?
Mine changes color through the day.
It start short and dark-red in the morning and becomes long, like really long and ginger in the afternoon, before starting to shorten and darken once more.
My eyes go from green to dark-blue in the same manner.
So, yeah, “be average”…
I can already imagine, at my 3rd or 4th class, people behind me going *click-click* taking pictures, and videos, filming live how my hair visibly grows and changes color.
Thankfully, uncle Thanatos came in to save the day.
Since he/she (depends on his mood, that day he was in a he mood), is continuously walking the mortal realm, he knows a thing or two about humans.
And he said that if I were to introduce myself nicely, stating that I have a rare condition, that makes the changes of my hair and my eyes, the humans would be in awe, but in 2 weeks they would be bored by the sight.
It might be a bit disturbing since there surely will be a doctor or two who would want to contact me, but they can’t do anything to exaggerated.
Also, while uncle doesn’t know about it, such a condition might not even be unique to me. (well, it’s unique to me, because it’s due to my powers, but what he meant that even some humans might have something similar.)
With all that, I was eager to start my human life, although, I was curious where I would live, what would be my name,  and what will I learn. (and I hoped, really, really hoped I would get to have a friend or 2…)
Well, my father didn’t disappoint me.
Zoe Laugh, he really named me “laugh”, well…at least he kept the Zoe.
The high school I will study at is a private one, all fancy, for special kids. (Mom convinced pops to do so, as it increases the chances that I will be considered “normal”. You know, with all the photographic memory, highly athletic and smart as hell (pun intended), since I am a goddess.)
I will live in a huge house, at a couple of demigods that retired from fighting in the outer realms.
They are really cute and friendly, especially since they are auntie ahem, big sis Aphrodite and cousin Apollo’s descendants. (we are on good terms with them, which is…kind of rare.)
Aaaaand, the most important thing!
I can have a Cerberus puppy to bring with me. (of course, charmed to look like a Scottish sheepdog, a bit on the bigger size, but still!)
Oh, and the novels I had to wait for weeks to arrive, I can directly buy them from shops!
Same with figurines and games!
And the internet is not lagging!
Oh, it will be so fun…
I just hope that fate won’t be playing around with me as it usually does with godlings…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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