Death’s daily war

When people talk about Death, they think of sadness, they think of it as a great ending, that comes for everyone.
But Death is not so simple.
Life creates and gives every living being the chance to evolve.
Death on the other hand protects and waits for the fated end of the living beings.
You’ve read that right, “protects”.
Death’s job is not only to reap souls, but also to ensure that everyone dies when they need to die.
It’s quite a sad perspective for the living, to have a time when one needs to die, but Death knows that it has to happen, and also, it’s just a new beginning.
After all, Death and Life are in a complicated relationship, usually Life’s creations end in the hands of Death, and Death’s creations usually help or end up in Life’s hands.
So, Death needs to make sure people aren’t taken to his lands before their rightful time.
And at this point, people would roll their eyes, call us researches childish for thinking like this.
“What? Death will send Reapers to save living beings from accidents or what?”
The would all mock.
The answer is, no, not from accidents, as accidents that are true in nature would be fate’s decision to pull the strings.
But there are beings who feast on souls, who feast on natives of certain realms, and that is what needs to be stopped.
Thus, Death’s faithful servants, the Reapers are also not so simple.
They aren’t simply harvesting souls, they are constantly stationed in the living realm, protecting the living from other forces that would like to feast on their souls.
For souls are energy sources of the highest grade, their purity is so high, that civilizations need to go through several era advancements just to realize that the soul’s existence is not just a myth.
And thus, Death’s armies are constantly waging wars against those who would reap the souls of the living, leading to an untimely death.
These battles are daily, and are on universal scales.
The enemies are beings not from the universe, they come from the void and the emotions of those stuck outside.
These battles involve uncountable number of soldiers, and they are gruesome, and never ending.
But the Reapers never falter, they never surrender and they forever defend.
For that is their purpose, that is the reason Death has given them his gifts.
And Death himself is standing in the eternal darkness, ever watching for threats that nobody but himself could counter.
And so he fights…
And so they fight…
Day after Day, for us, for everyone…
For the chance of a rightful death.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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