Exchange students from a galaxy far away

I was working at the library, sorting some data on the computer, when a bustling crowd came in.
They were the exchange students from the other planets and galaxies of the Association.
I sighed.
“Here comes another group…”
I murmured, before putting on my “professional” mask and smiled.
“How can I help you, young ones?”
I asked.
“We’ve come to read about the Mythological Era.”
A tall, blue Egopitkian said.
I assumed he was the leader during this little trip, the egopitkian were really good leaders, and really kind.
“Sure thing, a Helping Droid will guide you.
Is there anyone without a dual universal translator?
We have Mythological sections in different languages, as well.”
I said.
Only two exchange students raised their hands.
“Good, another little droid will help you two.
Anything specific you might be searching for?”
I asked.
And then they all proceeded to talk about the specific mythos they all were interested in.
The majority went for the Chinese mythology, but there were some who wanted to read about  Greek, Roman, Egyptian and even olden tribal mythologies.
I smiled, and ordered a  droid to help each group to their destinations.
I watched them being led deeper into the library, before I went back to tidy up the system.
“We are now an intergalactic civilization, and yet, the mythologies just became much more important..”
I thought, giggling.
Indeed, we humans took that step, half a millennia ago, and joined the intergalactic community surrounding our galaxy.
There, we befriended others, and realized something.
The beings from our mythos are from extremely advanced civilizations, that govern over more than just a quadrant of the galaxy, they govern entire quadrants of the universe.
So, imagine when we, the newborn baby of the intergalactic community, the newbie, started talking about our stories from our home planet.
And the rest of the members were left baffled, and shivering.
“You…you are talking about them?”
They asked, and showed our people clips, and data about those advanced civilizations.
And we nodded, as they were more or less the same as we depicted them.
Let’s just say that after a thorough verification by the Association (the alliance of multiple galaxies), we became a tourist hotspot.
Especially, universities like mine, where books still existed in great number.
Let’s just say, the authentic feeling of paper or other materials in one’s hand, is different, than having the information sent into the brain directly.
It’s been centuries, but I still haven’t had the time to relax, with the constant influx of exchange students and high-ranking guests.
The sale of toys, figurines and comics is also staggering, and our gift-shop is usually empty at the end of each day.
Heh, tourists…
Oh well, talking about the devil, there comes another group…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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