Witnessed everything

I was a journalist, a newbie at that, but a journalist nonetheless.
While I started because my love for stories, for truth and my great curiosity, I was well aware how the things should go.
I would be the one running errands for a while, before getting basic tasks, and maybe, maybe if a miracle happened, I could write my first article in a few years.
But a miracle happened, and not even a month in, I was assigned to interview one of the greatest mysteries.
A man who claimed himself to be immortal, and proved that with decapitating himself live, before simply putting his head back on.
He said, he wants to recount his life, and he chose a newbie journalist for it.
He chose me.
I don’t know why, but he refuses to speak to anyone else, so I will have to ask him myself.
So, I went to the Louvre, as there was where he was staying at the moment.
Authorities tried to move him, get him live in a 5 star hotel, but they couldn’t persuade him, not with reason, nor with force.
When I arrived there, countless reporters, journalists, free-lancers and generally people were trying to enter.
But they were held back by the law enforcement units, after all, an immortal is a dangerous being.
You can change immortal to “unknown”.
I was escorted inside, and lead up to the Lady of Auxerre, where a man was sitting on the ground.
“Ah, finally, you are here Nefertiti’s descendant, let me tell you, Auxerre was inspired by a great greek goddess, but your ancestor, she was fiery and reckless, quite an awesome combination.”
The man said, looking at me, smiling.
He was relatively handsome, but I had to be professional.
“So, you’ve met them in person?”
I asked, taking out my recorder.
He winked at the guards, who sighed and left.
He patted the ground in front of him, and sighing, I sat down in front of the so called immortal.
“Well, little Egyptian girl, so far away from home, Nefertiti would be so proud.”
He said.
“That wasn’t my question. I was told, you are willing to recount your life, your stories.”
I said, albeit, flattered and confused at the same time.
“Okay, okay.
Yes, I’ve met them in person.
As someone who was here from the very first second of the universe, gods, goddesses and royals in ancient times were my closest friends.
Nowadays, if I talk about magic or other realms, people think I am a nerd, who is talking about books or games…”
He said, with great lament.
“I’ve seen the video…you are really immortal?”
I said.
“Want me to decapitate myself again, will do it, it’s just a bit of pain nothing more.”
He asked, with a toothy grin.
“No, no, no. Just tell me, how did you become an immortal?”
I asked.
“Always was, I think…
Well, you see, I was the darkness, the void, but then this one being appeared and made…things.
That made me “smaller”, and I mocked that being for doing something foolish, as I will eat the things created sometime anyway.
So, that being said, “okay, enjoy the things I made in a different way.” And I gained a body, and was thrown here…
When this planet was a ball of fire, magma and lava, wasn’t that fun to watch, but afterwards, other higher dimensional beings were let inside the universe, and it became funnier.”
He said, with a laugh.
“You want to say, that this body of yours is just an incarnation?
And the real you, is the darkness outside?”
I asked.
“Nice, yes, an incarnation, and you could say I am well, you call it dark matter, but that’s like the blood flowing in my real body.”
He nodded.
I gulped, it was a hard concept to wrap my head around.
“The Louvre, any particular reason, you are…living here now?”
I asked.
“I am…tired.
So I wanted to reminisce a bit, and here I am.”
He said.
Does that mean you plan to leave or?”
I asked.
“No, I can’t leave yet, nor I want to, but I got bored of following ancient rules and hiding.
I want to have fun with you humans with my real identity.”
He said.
“So, why me? Just because you knew Nefertiti?”
I changed the subject once more.
“Yes, I saw you randomly on the street once, and I knew instantly you were of her lineage.
I had to talk to someone refreshing, just like you right now, you don’t believe me 100%, yet you are seriously listening.
Feels good, not to be taken as a mental patient or an alien for a change.”
He laughed.
“Thanks, but I still don’t know enough to make a decision.
So, Louvre, reminisce, this means you’ve met most artists?”
I asked.
“Oh yes, da Vinci, Canova, Caravaggio, Alexandros, oh the great times I’ve head watching them, talking to them.
You see, their minds, their thought process, wasn’t normal they weren’t simply brilliant, they were tormented by their own imagination.
It was painful as a friend, but as a watcher of civilizations, seeing them made me sure that humanity will thrive.
Mona Lisa, the one you all love so much to “know” about, was in fact a quite random work of his.”
He said chuckling.
“Random? it’s one his most famous painting, no?”
I asked.
“For you yes, for him was much more simpler than your theories, albeit your theories are indeed rational, and logically correct, as I said, their thought process wasn’t normal.
We were hanging out at the pub, talking about helicopter, cannon’s on chariots, planes, submarines centuries before their time, you know, the casual drunk talk with a genius, when this lady walks in.
He saw her, she smiled at him, and that was it, he chose to paint her.”
He said.
“That’s…that’s simple, but quite romantic?”
I said.
“Romantic? Not at all, he found her really, really beautiful, especially when smiling.
And he thought about the natural ratios found in nature duuh moment , I know.
He was inspired, and wanted to immortalize his muse.
He was a romantic, but not at that age, at that age, he was trying to put down as many well, hmm, creations, as he could.”
He said.
“Who was the one, who made the greatest impact on you?”
I asked.
“There was Loki from the Scandinavians, then Hermes from the Greeks, Juno or Hera’s Roman form, there was Thoth and Bes from your ancestors, Susanoo, and I really liked talking to Buddha and Jesus, but as humans go, all of you impressed me.”
He said.
I snorted.
He raised an eyebrow.
He asked.
“Reflex, I deeply apologize.”
I said, blushing.
“No need, tell me what you think.”
He said.
“It’s ridiculous, and stereotype-ish.
A great being, who is drinking buddy with gods, demons and the like, suddenly says “You humans are the ones I love the most.”.
It’s like a line out of a book, a mediocre one.”
I said.
At this he started to laugh, loudly, like shaking the walls loud.
“Oh man, you really are her relative.
She said something similar, to the pharaoh who initially wanted to become the only “god” of the Egyptian empire.
And she said that he should at least leave one god, who can’t be seen, otherwise people will find it too easy to “see” “god”.
But back to my answer, it’s true.
I’ve seen more impossible things done by you humans, than gods and demons and other such entities.”
He said.
I snorted again.
He sighed, and gestured me to talk.
“Impossible comparing to our capabilities, I agree.
We changed a lot of things, and survived a lot, but don’t tell me that you’ve met with an entity that can catch demons the size of mountains in his palms, and you can say freely: “That’s nice, but this human just killed a bear thrice his size, now that’s a great feat!”.
I understand that what we can do, compared to our status is amazing, but don’t overreact, it’s too much.”
I said.
He started.
“Yes, I am aware of ratios. I am aware that if I were to fight off a bear, that would be equal to a god fighting off a demon the size of a galaxy, yeah, yeah,  but don’t tell me you find it more impressive, just because it’s less likely.”
I said.
“Okay, that was refreshing, but it’s still the truth.
Seeing you little ones, fighting so hard every day, makes me happy.
Makes me think creation is much livelier, worthier than nothingness.”
He said.
“Of course it’s livelier, we are alive, nothingness is…empty.”
I rolled my eyes.
He laughed, and shifter topics.
He started to tell about his life, from the time of the dinosaurs, up to now.
About his encounters with gods, aliens, and other entities.
It was a good report, sadly, it had to be heavily edited before it was published.
Nonetheless, I was the contact person of the immortal, and I was often in touch with him.
One day, when we were drinking at a pub, I asked him.
“you still call me lass, and I call you poser, how about we introduce ourselves?”
I said, a bit tipsy.
“It’s been 3 months, you reined in your curiousity quite well.
You start.”
He said.
“I am Khepri, well, in English I am Kayla.”
I said.
“I am Cashus, a pleasure to meet you.”
He said, laughing.
I snorted.
His name meant hollow, or empty…
He witnessed everything since the creation of our planet, daring to say he is empty, how foolish, especially since he is brimming with emotions.
I guess the one who sent him here had a goal…a goal that was most likely realized.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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