The truth is the opposite of fiction

I love stories.
They are little worlds I can escape into, when the real life gets a bit too hard to handle for the moment.
So I read, and read, stories about other worlds, about heroes, about villains and monsters, about kings and queens and princesses, about magical planes, and gods and all the things a living beings imagination can come up with.
But there’s a thing…
It irks me how…how wrong they can get how some creatures are.
Like for example, seriously, fairies being mischievous and wandering forests and wild places in order to abduct people, especially children?
How can they even imagine that those workaholics, that are building kingdoms amongst the little cracks in space, have time to abduct children?
Let’s not even mention that they are so prideful, they don’t really care about interacting with any other race than the elves.
Oh right, and the elves…
They are really well depicted physically, but behavior-wise?
Prideful? Thinking they are better than everyone else? Physically weak?
I mean, they are one of the first races to come into being, they see everyone as kids that need help, they aren’t really prideful or aloof, they are rather those awkwardly elderly people, who can’t interact with the younglings.
Oh, and let me talk about the favorite child of fantasy stories, dragons…
Long lived, ancient race, with amazing physique is true for them, but being greedy? Lust controlled? Kidnapping princesses?
The hell do people these days think that dragons were used as guardian symbols for the royalty amongst the many civilizations?
Dragons are lazy indeed, because they can naturally achieve that other races need to sweat blood for.
But they need no treasuries, nor princesses, but rather they need a cause, lest they fall asleep for countless years.
So, they take up the mantle of protectors, mentors, guardians or patrols, so they have a sense of duty, and they stay awake.
So many inaccuracies…
Well, it’s not even at the level of an inaccuracy, but rather it’s completely the opposite of the truth.
Which was expected from fiction, but it’s irksome when you actually know how it is in reality.
Oh, how do I know in reality how these things are?
I am the Wanderer, I kind of wander through the worlds of these entities, and learnt a thing or two from them.
Whilst they are in our world, at the same time, they aren’t, so it’s a bit complicated to explain it.
But long story short, they exist, they’ve been reading the stories that have been written about them.
And some are pleased, some are displeased, but mostly they have a good laugh about it.
Maybe because they are older, but they take it better when misinformation is spread about them…that or the fact that some of the books are actually written by their fellow brethren as a disguise…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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