Extremely versatile power

Our world was filled with multiple oddities.
There were offspring of gods, demons and other transcendental entities walking amongst us.
There were alien races who integrated into our culture during the aeons they’ve spent on our world.
There were people who awakened special powers or even transformed into a whole new race.
Our world was supposed to be endless, and wild yet it was still civilized.
My little self is an awakened one, the name for the people with special powers.
Albeit, my power is ranked low in my country’s registry, as it’s related to books.
Well, it’s not their fault, at first my power was misidentified.
At first it was identified as a copying skill, which worked only on books that I’ve really connected with.
I could copy skills from the books, but I copied lest than 1% of the skills efficiency, thus I was considered “no-rank” awakener.
Well, that was 10 years ago, when I was 12.
Now, on the other hand, my skills evolved a lot, as my real skills is not copying, but inheriting.
Once a real love or worship appears in me for a book’s story, I inherit randomly a skill that appears in the book.
This skill can be anything, talent, ability, affinity or even innate attribute.
 You could say it’s all up to luck, but it isn’t.
I love fantasy, martial arts and science-fiction stories, you can imagine that from those books, the skills I can get, even randomly could be useful.
You see, at 12, I got a simple body-refining technique.
Theoretically, the first time it appears in the book it comes from, it’s when a master level jumps off from a flying prehistoric bird of prey, and free-falls for several thousand meters before landing, perfectly unscathed onto a rocky mountain peak.
Whilst my body-refining technique, could barely hold back a normal kitchen knife. (well, to be fair, at 12, being stabbed by a knife, yet the knife can’t penetrate the skin, should be awesome, but whatever.)
So, they’ve labeled me as a no ranker.
Well, that didn’t stop me from training, I loved the technique, I loved such stories…
So imagine my surprise when I was 13, a car wrecked into me, and it just…stopped.
It was like the car hit a mountain side.
I felt nothing, so this meant that even my inner organs were stronger now, that was at least 20% of the skill from the book.
So I realized, that I can train my skills, it’s not like I just copy a weaker version of it, but I completely inherit things from the books.
But I didn’t start to read en-masse, as I needed to connect with the story, I couldn’t just start milking skills from random books.
It was overpowered anyway, since I can have more skills than normal awakeners, and I as more on the route of an immortal or deity.
Anyway, in these 10 years, I’ve gained skills that are more than well-suited for me, and for the world around me.
I’ve gained multiple physique related techniques, multiple techniques for all kinds of weapons, magic spells controlling energies of higher quality, even got myself a few bloodline refining techniques.
Overall, I had a lot of skills I needed to train.
My routine for the last 10 years, was something like 20 hours of training, 2 hours for relaxing like eating, drinking, taking a bath, reading and so on, and  2 hours for sleeping.
And it proved to be more than a good choice, as not even 6 months ago, a terrifying war broke out between 2 high-ranking clans of my country, that swept my city with it.
Due to my skill set, I survived rain, hail, flaming rivers, falling rocks, and countless battles.
My superpower is not easily mastered, and since it’s more than one power it takes a lot more of effort to train it.
But it’s extremely versatile, and it helps me survive even in the direst situations..

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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