Just want to play and relax

For reasons yet unexplained, humanity started to manifest superpowers.
You’ve read that right, superpowers, just like in comics, cartoons and movies and games.
We’ve suddenly woken up to a world where people flying, turning into humongous entities, or controlling the elements started to become the majority.
The scientist decided to name this “The Awakening Age”, and get all fancy about it.
They’ve found out that slowly everyone will develop superpowers.
They also started to motivate people to use it for the greater good.
Stop those who try to commit crimes, offer yourself up to be a lab rat, ahem, enroll in researches was the term they used, and basically they started the gears to normalize the phenomenon.
Scientists…with billions of dollars, the explanation they came up with was “stable mutations” and that was it.
Why do I sound so condescending?
Well, because a week ago, I developed powers as well.
It was horrible.
37 hours, of continuous head splitting pain.
It wasn’t that bad, but that’s the reason it was the worst.
It was almost tolerable and intolerable at the same time…
After it stopped, I became quicker in thinking and overall smarter.
Photographic memory was unlocked, and it even went back, as I remembered stuff I’ve long forgotten.
Now, that’s not my superpower, no.
My synapses became immortal, indestructible and instantaneous.
This means my thinking was superfast, and no matter the strain my brain cells weren’t going to die.
And even this, was just a side effect of my superpower.
I awakened some kind of high quality mental wave ability, that made my brain evolve to this state.
These mental waves were so powerful that they could influence reality.
You’ve read that right.
Influence reality.
How do I know that ?
After the headaches disappeared, I was really, really hungry.
So, I casually thought about having a huge pizza, and was about to go for my phone to order one, when a box of pizza materialized out of thin air.
The pizza was delicious, the box was white with no labeling, so, I don’t know.
Theoretically, I shouldn’t be able to create out of nothing, so I must’ve transformed something into the pizza.
It might be simple energy from around me combined with my mental waves, or it could be some kind of matter from a higher dimension that’s transmuted.
I don’t really care though, I am happy that I can run gaming marathons, without the need to open the door for the delivery.
But as I’ve mentioned, the world tries to promote the usage of one’s power for the greater good.
Well, you see, if my power is truly as it seems now, after creating books, food, drinks, clothes and even working games, then…
Then I could be either the greatest hero or the worst villain.
And I know for a fact, that my peaceful days are numbered.
The world’s governments do have the technology to track unusual activity.
And me creating stuff out of thin air, must’ve been recorded by them by now, although since they are all small stuff, they might think it’s an anomaly…
But if the anomaly is constant…
They will come, and I will have to choose…
But all I want to do, is just to play and relax…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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