Taking care of the living library

I was in love with books my entire life.
No surprise to no one when I became a librarian.
Surprisingly though, I was accepted into a library to which I never applied (or at least, didn’t remember doing so), but oh well books kingdom is a books kingdom nonetheless.
When I arrived at the place I was a bit baffled.
The entire building was humongous, then when I entered, a nice old lady showed me the ropes.
Also, this library also had an underground section.
The weird thing about this, isn’t the fact that I am sure that the entire library was probably bigger than my neighborhood, but rather the fact that I never heard about it!
Imagine that I found books in all the languages!
I found rare mythology books that had some new takes on the old mythos!
It was a treasury I found there.
Best part?
I didn’t need to be at the entrance all the time, since it was watched by cameras 24/7, and I was beeped when someone needed help.
Worst part?
I was working all alone in the entire library…
It was weird, not going to lie.
But since they were looking for someone who had a knack for history, and spoke at least 6 languages, I knew this was some fancy private library, that was open to public sometimes.
And I am well aware how quirky really rich people can be, after all, my best friend is a generational wealthy woman.(And she’s as weird as it gets. Probably the reason we get along so well.)
Now, at first it was all nice, until I noticed that some books are rather peculiar.
Let’s say that when I first saw the “Cultivation Compendium”, I squealed like a fangirl meeting their idol, and started reading it in my free time.
I thought how lucky I was at first.
A private library that actually has ton of comics, and novels as well, and few customers and people coming in.
Then, after a week, I woke up, dead of the night, covered in black filth.
I quickly took a shower, changed the bed sheet, pillow case and most importantly I stood in front of the mirror.
And I sighed.
“What did I get myself into…”
I murmured, as I marveled at the view reflected in my bathroom mirror.
My skin was sparkling even now, after I dried myself.
My lips were blood red, my eyes ablaze with life.
My hair was glossy, and rich.
My height increased with 5 centimeters which is a lot.
I knew what happened, so I went to my bedroom, and looked at the book on my nightstand.
“Cultivation Compendium…this is real…”
I murmured, as I continued to read it.
When I went back to my job, I was much more serious, and much more careful concerning the book titles.
“World of Madness”, “Chaos and Order”, “How to build an universe from energies of different kinds”, and many more.
Now I knew why I never saw my boss, nor the old kind lady that helped me, and showed the ropes.
This library was much more dangerous than a normal one, and I alone was its guardian.
But don’t get it wrong, I wasn’t supposed to protect the library…
I was supposed to protect those who enter from the library itself…
So I started reading and reading, which suited me.
I started to change for the better, and I started to understand how the library works.
The books, rearrange themselves every 1st of the month.
Sometimes, normal books are on the first shelves, so I don’t really have to check whom is reading what.
But sometimes, books that are devious, mind breaking, or portals to other worlds, happen to pop out on the very first showcase stand as you enter the library.
Then, I have to stand guard, and make sure to keep the books in check..
I always loved saying that I will become a librarian, a great caretaker of books, and my friends laughed at me, saying that I made it sound so grandiose…
But look at me, I am feeding a book grapes, because it misses Dionysus…
What did I get myself into…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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