On Vacation

I was sent down from Heaven to take care of a small problem.
Seemingly, the seven deadly sins are free, and they gathered together in the human world.
I don’t know what they are planning, but the top brass is afraid they are up to no good.
I am a newly appointed seraphim, bled myself to death a few times (literally), in order to raise in ranks.
And instead of a nice border castle to rule over in hell, or being sent in another universe to spread the light, what do I get?
“Go down to Earth, and check out the 7 deadly sins, they are up to something.”
They said.
It will be challenging they said.
Despite all the paperwork, they seem to forget that my first ever mission after I upgraded from a heavenly soul to an angel, I had to stop the 7 deadly sins from manifesting.
I just asked them nicely, and do a bit of shopping for them and they remained in hell…
I sighed.
No point in complaining, not like I can say no to my very first seraphim mission.
So, I simply followed this pulsating mass of power that they were emitting.
Sloth was good at camouflaging it, so it wasn’t easy to pinpoint for the others on Earth, but for us in Heaven, it’s like a beacon. (no elitism here, simply the environmental conditions are different, thus giving birth to different affinities.)
I’ve arrived at the place they were most likely gathered.
It was a huge warehouse, so it was kind of sketchy, but…
There was music blasting, and ton of pizza boxes outside at the dumpster.
I had a feeling, this wasn’t as bad as those higher-ups thought.
I wanted to knock on the door, but I knew better, so I simply opened it.
And my hunch number one, was right, the door was open.
Then again, my previous hunch about it being not that bad, was right.
No weapons, no rituals, no pentagrams, no blood, no weapons, nothing dangerous was found in the warehouse.
Well…nothing dangerous to the world’s order.
The food I saw on the table, the pile of snacks and sweets could probably make doctors shiver.
Then, I looked around, and chuckled.
The 7 deadly sins are one of the strongest demons that ever existed, but…
They are so strong because they let themselves loose, and follow their deepest desires, and only them.
And their strongest desire always shined brightly.
So, while if they wanted some attention, they are more dangerous than other demons, devils and ghosts, but…
But usually, they are like this.
Sloth was sleeping, in a humongous bed, with at least a thousand pillows, dozens of blankets, noise cancelling earmuffs, and even the bed was surrounded by a curtain.
I knew he was there because I could hear the snoring.
Pride, was constantly conjuring new suits of when lingerie when clothes, and was posing in front of a dozen full body mirrors.
While she was posing, and dancing, the music was blasting and she was being recorded by a little imp.
Wrath was doing as usually.
She was wearing a sports suit, and running along from one end to the other of the warehouse, while throwing plates, hitting punching bags, and destroying some old electronics with a bat.
Lust was giggling while surrounded by roughly 100 smartphones.
She was taking pictures of her feet, of herself in underwear and sending them, before starting to madly swipe at all the phones.
Greed was currently in front of a TV and with a laptop in his lap, and he was continuously ordering stuff, that was slowly piling up in the back part of the warehouse. (Now I understand why they needed this huge warehouse)
Gluttony was sitting at the table.
Despite the fact that he was a bit on the shorter end of the height scale, he was currently eating and eating and eating…
Thankfully, he could transform food in other food, so fries could become steak under his fingers…
And then, there was the chibi-Envy.
She was brooding in front of a computer, in an oversized hoodie that almost covered the chair she was sitting on as well.
She was scrolling and looking at models and beautiful women’s profiles, while leaving hateful comments.
So the usual.
I sighed.
Lust looked back, she flashed herself, winked and continued with whatever she was doing.
Gluttony laughed.
“My man! Riomsonizel, come feast with me!”
He said.
“Just call me Rio, my olden Sumerian name is kind of hard to spell with modern languages.”
I said.
“You little bugger, you’ve been sent to deal with us?”
Wrath asked, with a baseball bat on her shoulder.
“Yep, although, you seem to be on a vacay, so I will ignore you for a while.
But, I need you to enjoy yourselves here, is that a good deal?”
I said.
Wrath just smirked, threw the bat towards me, and went back to running like a madwoman.
“I guess that’s a deal.”
I shrugged.
The others completely ignored me.
I left the warehouse, and raised a barrier over it.
People won’t be able to randomly find it, but it won’t stop the deliveries to arrive.
“Hello, Central Heaven?
Yeah, it’s me, they are controlled by their sins, no need to worry, I have them occupied.”
I said.
“No danger for mankind?”
They asked.
“No, actually, they are helping the economy.”
I said, laughing.
They didn’t laugh, and hang up.
I shook my head.
“Hope they will get bored by Earth in a few decades…
I want to go travel a bit..”
I muttered as I bought a small flat not far from the warehouses.
Yeah, we had real money, so we weren’t taking stuff for free. (We as in demons and angels, also, most of the money came from selling artifacts or from exchanging gold)
This is going to be relaxing…
If the 7 are on a vacation, I can take it as one as well.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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