Adoptive dragon

In the remote mountains of the Slithering Forest range, there was a cave filled with lava, and ice at the same time.
The two extremes making the harsh environment even harsher.
Amidst an impossible lava lake, covered in a never ending blizzard stood a tall palace.
A palace of a dragon.
My palace.
I was a lonesome hermit out of choice.
I gathered the knowledge of eras, and spent my time rewriting olden knowledge with new perspectives.
Spent my time buying books, scrolls from the various races. (Yes, I bought them, with money I made through my researches… I don’t steal.)
Well…scratch the last line.
I did kidnap someone, but it wasn’t out of evil intentions.
I’ve got paid to kidnap a princess of a certain kingdom…
I was paid by the princess herself…
She was used as a political tool, and got bored of it.
She heard about me, and as she had a really really rare ancient spells tome, she traded it with me.
I had to kidnap her, and keep her safe for 50 years.
50 years are not even enough for me to properly read each rune in the tome, so it was a good deal…
That is…
If the princess wouldn’t be a complete sloth, and spoiled 18 year old child.
I had to cook for her, wash her clothes and even teach her spells, it was so damn tiring, I barely had time to read and research!
Then after a few months, a small stick-like human comes up to my castle.
Almost dying due to the environment in the cave, I saved him. (It’s a miracle blessed by all the gods that are and aren’t he arrived here.)
This kid woke up when he smelled the dinner I cooked for the spoiled brat.
He was sent here by the kingdom to save the princess…
I sighed.
The kid was cursed, and anyone who touches him will be cursed as well.
The curse will slowly kill then them.
Well, most people would find it hard to deal with the curse.
Me…not so much.
The curse got cleansed instantly the moment the little dude got inside my palace.
And thus, I got another child to babysit.
It wasn’t funny, but it wasn’t all that bad.
I read my researches to them.
At first, all I got was a weird look, a shrug then being left all alone in the room.
But as months passed, they started to comment on my papers.
They were ridiculously childish comments, and erroneous observations, but some of them actually were a breath of fresh air, that helped me see things in a rather interesting view.
The few friends I had, visited me in this time.
They laughed.
They never thought the ultra-nerd-shut-in will ever adopt kids.
I wanted to say that I didn’t adopt them, it was a mutual exchange.
But as years passed, and seeing as nobody came to look for them… (mostly because they thought they were dead.)
I really started to realize that this situation, did seem like a spontaneous adoption…
And like this, I’ve became the adoptive dragon of a skinny knight and a spoiled princess…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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