Swapped with mirrorselves

I enjoyed antiquities.
Often went out to yard sales, flea markets and auction houses to try my luck.
This time around, I managed to find this gorgeous, full-body mirror.
It was hidden beneath a pure red cloth, and only a corner of it could be seen at the sale.
Even then, I could see a beautifully carven golden wooden frame, and even without lifting it completely, I knew it instantly: I wanted this mirror.
I had a price war with the owner, but sincerely I think she didn’t even know what we were fighting for.
But in the end, I got it cheap, or at least for me it was cheap.
I took it carefully home with my truck, and placed it in my living room. (finally paid off living in a humongous house)
When I unveiled it, my wife was there as well.
We both gasped.
It was amazing, a full body, perfect, vintage mirror, with no signs of time passing.
The frame itself, as I said, was golden wood carved out in a flowing manner.
It looked absolutely amazing.
It looked too good.
I had a friend of mine come and check it, and thankfully, it was roughly 5 centuries old, but he couldn’t tell us from where.
The carvings were masterful, and almost like done by nature, as it was a more than 2 meter tall frame, yet the carvings flowed together, like being carved in a single motion.
I thanked my friend, and started getting busy.
While I seemed like a lazy one, I worked hard roughly 5 out of 7 days.
But since it was the weekend, I had planned to visit some sales, markets before taking my beautiful wife to a dinner.
After we got ready, we checked ourselves in the mirror.
We were both dressed elegantly.
My wife, in a beautiful red dress, with a pearl necklace and beautiful antique earrings, while
I was in a 3-piece grey suit, with a red tie.
“Quite dashing, you are today.”
My wife said.
“Nothing compared to you, I bet the lights will dim the moment you enter, lest you blind the rest of the customers.”
I said.
Then we kissed, and suddenly we were hit by a breeze.
We parted our lips, and looked around.
Suddenly, we were on a balcony, looking down towards…some knights sparring?
Then we looked back, and there was…a mirror just like ours and in it, two individuals smiling.
“The mirror of life worked! We escaped our world!”
The woman, that looked my life said.
“Yes, my love. And this seems like a world of science and luxury.
Not magic and sword like ours.”
The man, that looked like me said.
“Those aren’t simple reflections.”
My wife said, sighing.
“You are right, my other self.
You are me, but from a different reality.”
The other “wife” said.
“Fret not, our world is cruel, but not deadly for you, for we…now you, are king and queen, of a low ranked kingdom.
We aren’t devils, we’ve left our journals, so you can impersonate us properly.
And don’t worry about us, we shall read the memories of your friends, and play your roles perfectly and even better than the originals, bye!”
The other “me” said, as the mirror was covered by a red cloth…
I looked at my wife and smiled widely.
She giggled.
“You are enjoying this, right?”
She asked.
“Of course, as an historian and real estate agent, this…
This is my playfield.”
I said.
Then we went on to read the journals.
We were in a new world, filled with bloodshed, and conflicts, basically, a typical swords and magic world.
Nothing fancy.
We were the rulers of an upstart kingdom, filled with vigor and loyal friends.
The other “we” found an inheritance of a supreme expert, but were unable to gain anything from it, other than thousands of books.
One of the books, explained the usage of the mirror, and the theory behind the multiverse.
So they, whom were vary of the endless battles, sought to run away.
And that’s why they swapped places with us.
Oddly enough, my wife was able to cultivate the supreme expert’s technique, while I…
I had a knack for formations, and pure Taoism, which basically meant I had to dwell upon questions that would drive someone normal mad.
Nothing unusual, after all, in the modern world, thinking about random things was my forte.
My wife often laughed when she came into my study, seeing how the walls were filled with books, from all the possible fields.
From history to architecture, from fiction to non-fiction, from children’s books to erotica.
Although, my wife wasn’t to be pitied either.
She was a housewife indeed after we got married rather young, but she was a prodigy in multiple fields.
Management, and entrepreneurship were her best skills, but she was also a goddess at yoga and archery.
We both came from well-off families, but cut our ties due to them being too pushy.
Nonetheless, we were well aware, that all our knowledge, and good luck, had to do with our backgrounds as well.
But now…
Now we were truly free.
With my wife shooting down enemies from tens of kilometres away.
And with me building formations that not even 2 armies can bypass…the ascension of our kingdom skyrocketed.
In but 5 years, we went from a lower grade kingdom, to a middle grade kingdom. (that’s an expansion in size of roughly 87 times. Not roughly, exactly 87 times, I measured it personally)
On the day we were invited to a banquet by our host Empire. (an Empire is made out of tens of thousands of kingdoms. Our Empire has 12 Super Kingdoms, 190 High grade Kingdoms, 3000 Middle grade kingdoms, and tens of thousands of lower grade kingdoms.)
We were held in high regard, since we gladly shared our knowledge with other kingdoms, and with the Empire. (of course, they tried to assassinate us first, but when they failed a few hundred times, they’ve change the approach.)
We still kept the mirror, and kept using it.
Who knows, we might travel to another interesting place by mistake.
And on this day, it lit up once more, again, when both of us were there.
Thankfully, we weren’t transported, but what we saw on the other end, made us smile.
It was our living room, could recognize it anywhere, and in the mirror, we saw the other “us”.
“You! Why do you look so happy?”
The other me asked.
While we were dressed very differently this time, we were looking probably better, due to the life evolution we went through.
My wife wore a simple red and blue robe, while I wore a grey robe. (I like this color)
While the other “us” wore extravagant clothes, and jewelry they looked tired…
“What’s up? Being a normal human is rather tiring, right?”
I asked, while my wife accompanied me with a giggle.
“What’s all this?!
No bloodshed, no open conflicts…but navigating your business and your life is more tedious than orchestrating a battle!”
The other “wife” said.
“Well, it’s a different battle, but life is a battle regardless of the universe I would say.
If you wanted both easy and luxurious lifestyle, you should’ve changed bodies with a Golden Retriever.”
I said, shrugging.
“You! We can…”
The other “me” started to say, but my wife threw a heavy red cloth over the mirror.
“Let’s go. They are too annoying, and anyway, you changed the formations on the mirror, it’s more of a communication device, and can’t transport anyone anymore.”
She said.
I nodded, and off we went…
We were swapped with our mirrorselves, but it wasn’t all that bad.
It was new, it was weird, it was hard, it was life threatening from time to time…
But it was also fun…
We had 2 kids already since we were here, which no matter how hard we tried, couldn’t accomplish back on our Earth.
Seemingly, even though we are battling for our lives almost on a daily basis literally this time, we are less stressed.
Obviously, this world suits us better than our real one…
If it’s sad or not I don’t know, but our stories just began…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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