Worrying messages

Little known fact is that Life and Death are best friends.
Little known fact is that the two, are roommates.
Little known fact is that out of the two, more people are writing to Death than to Life.
And this is the reason why Death is worried, because Life used to be the calm, and cheerful one in their duo.
Even no, Death was getting mails from intelligent living beings from all over the universe, asking to be visited by her.
Life was cooking, while pouting heavily.
“Am I such a bad designer?
I thought I made plenty of things to make my children happy…”
Life said, her head hanging low.
“Look, it’s not your fault.
You’ve created beautiful things, it’s just…
It’s not always easy to see things for what they really are.”
Death chimed in.
“But they have so much to live for!
For older generations, for the younger generations, for the sights of the world, for the sake of pets!
They can even cheat you, and become immortal!”
Life cried out.
Death sighed, and comforted her.
Caressing her long, spring green hair, she smiled.
“Look, L, don’t take it personally.
They live their own lives differently than you, or Fate have planned.
And they take their challenges way differently.”
Death said.
“Y-y-yes, but it seems like I am a huge failure!
I can’t even create something to make their life worth something!”
Life sobbed.
“That’s not true.
Their lives are treasures, especially when they are alive, but even after that…
I take care of them…”
Death said.
Life smiled weakly at this.
“You are too good to me.”
She said to Death.
“I know how it is to feel worthless.
After all, most living beings, still treat me as the greatest enemy of them all, well Time and me.”
Death giggled.
Life laughed as well.
“But it’s still worrying …
So many of my children pray to you, for release…
They wish that you visit them, and so early for some of them…”
Life said.
“It’s worrying and saddening, that’s why I ignore their calls.
That’s all I can do…
But if they take the matters in their own hands…”
Death sighed…
The two went along with their day as usually, but Life was still a bit restless…
For her children, all the living beings, began to have more and more thoughts about visiting her best friend, Death, way before their time has come…
While Life was getting better, and even started to think about new things to create, Death was reading the mails, while shaking her head.
“I know it can be hard, after all, most obstacles come from those who are affiliated with me…
But don’t give up…”
Death murmured, as she continued to read…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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