Family of main characters

My family isn’t normal.
While we live on Earth, where anything extraordinary is either hidden, veiled or simply, doesn’t exists…our family in a way or another found other means to entertain itself…
My pops, he is usually summoned once a few months to another world to be a hero.
It started when he was my age, and continued ever since.
Now, he takes a few months at worst, to save or change the world, and come back home.
Then he comes back with martial arts, new books, and even artifacts and gold sometimes. (it’s useful as a reserve, but we are still a barely upper mid class family. We don’t really want to bring too much attention on us.)
My mother on the other hand was chosen by some entity from the multiverse as an envoy.
So she can go freely between parallel universes, and preach justice and fairness, the real cold one, not the subjective one.
Meaning, she’s cold and aloof to all the races she meets, no prejudice at all. (which is really good and all, but when she comes back home, she’s really doting, and suffocating sometimes.)
She’s paid for negotiations and teachings of higher realms in divine materials, and techniques.
Let’s just say that time passes differently in other universes, yet my mom never ages, and frankly, nor does anyone in this family age normally.
Then there is my big sister…
She is continuously reincarnating in novels, and in charge of changing the fates of villainesses.
Of course, due to our mom, we know that those novel worlds actually do exist.
Some are parallel universes, others are pocket dimensions that are linked to the main universes, but they are real.
She spends all the nights in those worlds.
One dream, and one night for us, it’s sometimes a lifetime for her.
She’s really wise, and knows everything about everything.
She’s quiet, and goes along with what the family wants and needs, but I personally think, that she’s the strongest out of us.
There’s our family’s dog, Zeus.
It’s a nice Scottish Sheepdog, that’s as old as I am, grew up with me for the last 18 years…
But never aged after he hit 2 years old.
Also, he can talk, and says he’s some kind of canine god race’s exile.
It’s nice, no dogs ever barked or tried to bit me, and there is a certain safe feeling all the time around the house…
And there is poor little me.
Soon to be 18.
So many novels, stories, movies, songs are written about what could happen when someone turns 18.
But unfortunately for me, something is sure to happen.
There were already signs of things happening, but what’s weird…there were more than one tropes appearing near me.
Once, I saved a granny from some gangsters.
I might be a girl, but I am almost 2 meters tall, with long fiery red hair, and really well built. (I am into martial arts and reading, and carrying 3-4 books builds muscle.)
After I saved this granny, whom barely reached my stomach, floated up, giggled patted my head and disappeared.
That was trope “Elderly individual, looks weak is actually a god likes you, so you might become their disciple”.
Then, while I was sleeping, a mass of black goo with billion eyes and mouths, that seemed to be as small as a grain of dust and as big as a galaxy, started talking to me.
“Be mine”, “You have a strong fate”, “You look good”
And many more…awkward messages.
That was trope “Being stalked by a higher entity before becoming it’s partner or envoy”
Then, while I was at the library, I found a book that seemed interesting.
But when I opened it, my mind was drawn into it, and saw a myriad kingdoms vying for supremacy, and I found a huge stone throne right behind me, before I woke up in the real world once more.
That was trope “Traveling to a story land, through a book and becoming a hero or a legend there”
Then, I fell asleep while playing a game, and found myself in it, but not as my character, but as an unassuming NPC chef.
That was trope “Waking up in a game as an NPC, that is mysterious and slowly grows stronger”.
Then, I almost adopted a pet, that Zeus told me was actually a phoenix’s descendant.
Then, I met two little kids who were clearly being maltreated by their adoptive- parents, and the two little kids, clearly had special powers.
And many more.
My parents laughed it off, while my sister was unconcerned.
“You are surrounded by us, your fate line is tangled with so many possibilities, that fate can’t decide what path you are to go on.
Just go with the flow.”
She said.
I sighed, but I had to agree with her.
Something is coming my way, and I don’t know what, so why should I care?
As it is said, if it’s good fortune why should I avoid it?
And if it’s a calamity, I can’t avoid it…
My life surely won’t be boring, and worst case scenario, my absolutely insane family will use their status and power to help me, not that bad.
I just wish my little life, with the few friends I’ve gained won’t be completely destroyed…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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