Cursed immortality

I am immortal.
I’ve been here roughly since Cain was expelled from the human race.
I don’t know who my parents were, but I suspected Cain might’ve been my father.
Because I was cursed as well.
And don’t think it’s something so edgy, or ridiculous as I call it, now in 2100, like “Immortality is a pain, because you got to live while all the others pass on”.
It’s painful to lose loved ones, but sadly, you don’t need to be an immortal to do so.
You learn to live with the pain…
And as an immortal I learnt too well..
But that’s not the problem.
The problem is, I am immortal, because I don’t age, but I can be hurt, but not killed.
This is a very important detail, because this is what brings up the curse part of everything.
I couldn’t be killed, by anything…for a long time.
This means, I can be killed but I revive instantly…
Which one might say, that it’s not too bad.
But wait…there’s more.
I revive instantly, then die 9 more times, the same way I died first.
This means, I am immortal.
I will probably survive even the death of the universe…
But I need to experience it 10 times, before I can continue with my life…
And that’s not the worst part.
The one who killed me dies, 9 times with me and then dies forever.
This is the reason I think I am of Cain’s bloodline.
Also, I know that one would think seeing their murderer suffering is rewarding, or satisfying.
It’s not.
I am used to pain.
I am used to the complete meltdown of my very being, over and over again.
But seeing someone else in that pain…
Is terrifying.
And when it’s a natural cause that kills me for the first time…
Then a random person, is taken with me in the loop…
Only good thing about the entire curse is the fact, that something can “kill” me only once.
So after I died of stabbing, throat cutting and so on…
A 2nd time, it wouldn’t work.
Sometimes, the knife breaks, other times it simply can’t cut me and other hilarious ways I escape.
It’s not all bad.
I’ve helped humanity with an invention or two.
I thwarted an evil plan or two, a war or two…
I lived a good life, I loved, hated, laughed and cried…
Only thing that it’s regretful is that…
While normal humans know their end does exists…
I know nothing of what my path looks like…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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