Angering the retired Old Demon King

I was in retirement.
This world, filled with bloodshed and countless killings tired me.
I was the Demon King, so one would expect me to revel in such undertakings, but that’s a stereotype.
We demons were at first birthed by negative emotions left behind in wastelands and battlefields.
That’s where are homes were.
It was normal that at the beginning we were warring and plundering, after all, what resources are there in a wasteland and battlefields. (yeah, minerals, metals and maybe law fragments, but what about food, water and safe surroundings?)
The first Demon King, my father, was violent, but not a fool.
We indeed invaded other kingdoms and empire’s, but after we took enough land, we stopped.
We paid the compensations in rare metals and minerals and even a few law fragments, satisfying human, dwarven, elven, draconid, fairy, elemental greed.
All the races agreed to settle like this, and enter an era of peace.
We, the demon folk, were happy.
We had mountains, forests and lakes, and rivers…
We could breathe in air that wasn’t filled with dust, and toxic gases.
We could rear animals, and have farmlands.
It was a paradise for us, and we were content.
Our warlike nature didn’t disappear, thus we organized a lot of competitions, a lot of expeditions in forbidden areas.
We protected both our and the world’s borders from otherworldly presences.
But it wasn’t enough.
We were still the villains of the world in their eyes.
Every 5 decades, heroes were summoned by the surrounding smaller kingdoms, dispatching them to try to kill me, or at least to kill the Demon King.
They didn’t succeed, but they always tried, and always said they did.
My father usually beat them up really bad, before sending them home.
I on the other hand, instantly teleported back them home.
My son, he was foolish, he trained with them.
Didn’t beat them from the get-go, nor did he send them home.
But he pretended he was just barely equal to their team, and prolonged the fight for months…
I laughed at it, but I didn’t care as at that time, I was already retired.
All I cared about was my books, my garden, my animals that I was raising, and my sweet granddaughter.
Oh, what a joy when that blockhead of martial maniac son of mine said he was in love.
And the joy when that love bore fruit in the form of the cutest, and smartest little bundle of life.
She was so into human novels, and books, she basically lived in my library.
Her mother was often busy with diplomatic journeys, while her father was an idiot.
I took care of her and raised her.
She grew up to be immensely powerful and so so smart, and beautiful.
I had to beat away a few demon princes, that were loitering a bit too much around her. (don’t worry, I just sent them to some beast infected zones, under the control of some of my old friends.)
But I still couldn’t shelter her from life.
She went out on travels, and when the summons happened for heroes again…
She met with the hero’s party…and fell in love with the hero.
Cliché and story 101, so called “villain’s” daughter falls in love with the hero.
They travelled together, and skipped the fighting with the small fries.
She took them into the castle, straight to her father.
She knew they can’t kill him, we demons have access to the world’s toughest environments, we are steeled through our missions there.
 And right she was.
Her father toyed with them, learnt their skills, took some weapons off them, and sent them home.
He didn’t even realize his daughter was there, she was left all alone in the castle, as she sighed.
She came back to me, worried, and I assured her, that if he, the hero truly loved her, he will forgive her, even though, I mentioned, she did nothing wrong.
You see, my granddaughter was everything for me.
My wife left for millennia, searching for new ways to terraform planets in the vast universe.
My son was an idiot, who enjoyed more a new weapon, than spending time with me.
But my granddaughter…
We cooked together, we read together, we tended the garden and the animals together…
She was a joy to be around, always laughing.
So seeing her so serious and worried…
I didn’t have the heart to say no.
I teleported her to the hero’s party, but I didn’t go with her.
My power even withdrawn, can be sensed by the powerhouses of the other races, I can’t casually enter their territory.
But I still kept an eye on her.
The moment she appeared in the room of the inn, she beamed.
There she was, facing her boyfriend, and her friends for the last few years.
The group was surprised when they saw her, but then smiled, and hugged her…all but the hero.
The hero was smiling but was staying at a distance.
I felt that something was wrong.
My little pumpkin saw this, and worriedly and shyly walked up to the hero.
“Do you hate me?”
She asked.
The hero’s answer would influence whether I would accept their relationship or not..
But I didn’t foresee that…
That the boy, that my little pumpkin described as kind, helpful and slightly childish…
Would stab her right in her heart, even twisting the knife.
She asked, and even the other team members yelped and questioned him.
“We failed our task…but with her being the next Demon King…we can avoid punishment!”
The hero said.
“Y-y-you fool…Nob..Nobody e-e-expected us to kill a Demon King…it’s just…a façade..”
My granddaughter said.
I stood there frozen, before taking a step and appearing above the inn.
I disintegrated the inn, and looked over the individuals.
Several auras were closing up on us, but stopped quite far away, observing the situation.
I could sense elven, dwarven and even a draconic aura amongst them.
I walked up to the hero, and pushed him away.
“Breath, my treasure.”
I said, as I dripped a drop of my blood on my granddaughters forehead.
Soon, the wound healed, and she opened her eyes.
“Old Demon King, she revived, please don’t do anything you’d regret.”
This kingdom’s king said.
All around, more powerhouses appeared.
The hero looked baffled, and guiltily at my granddaughter.
“Grandpa…let’s go home…”
My granddaughter tugged at my sleeve, utterly devoid of her liveliness.
“Sure sweetheart.”
I said, opening a portal.
She went through first.
I said, and the hero, and the party members burnt to ashes.
“Hope that satisfied your anger, Old one.”
The elves’ powerhouse said.
“All your items, related to summoning burnt as well, and the space tunnels to other worlds were destroyed as well.
That’s my revenge.
Feel free to annoy me more.”
I said, leaving.
What I did, completely set back these kingdoms with centuries, as they were using other, less-developed worlds for resources.
But they touched my little grandkid…and I still feel that they got away too easily…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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