Underestimated past

A spaceship appeared at the edge of the solar system.
“We are here…”
The pilot said.
“It’s so…small…”
The first mate said.
“It’s different from the transmissions you’ve seen because this is before the Human Empire united its own planet, and started its space expansion.
The Primus Terra you’ve seen on news so many times has been reinforced artificially for tens of thousands of years.”
The captain chimed in.
“Will…will we be enough?”
The arms commander asked.
“Time travel is complicated and heavily regulated.
Our alliance of 10 civilizations paid a heavy price to send this one single ship towards the past of the Human Empire, alongside with 9 decoys.
You know that it’s the Human Empire who successfully mastered safe time travel, it’s hard to go unnoticed.”
The captain said.
“But…is our manpower enough?”
The arms commander’s 2nd in command asked, looking around.
“This ship houses 30 thousand soldiers, from year 59876, basically we are ahead with 57 thousand years…and don’t forget we aren’t human.
They don’t know our physiology, they don’t know our weaponry, they are unaware of the existence of other life forms at this point in time.
We will win…for the sake of all our worlds.”
The captain said.
The crew was formed from the 10 races that joined together to face the ever expanding Human Empire.
“But, we can’t shoot from space, as we unequipped all weapon systems, for lower energy signature reasons..
We are but 30 thousand against billions of humans, those ferocious entities, are you sure we can win?”
The medical chief chimed in at this moment.
“Don’t worry, from records, this is year 2025 in human history, they are barely recovering after some terrifying events…
It will be easy.”
The captain said with a smile.
The crew sighed in relief.
The captain was confident, for they came back in time as much as they could, and humanity was still a fledgling.
As they were closing on the planet, they weren’t aware that someone already sensed them.
“What’s the battle plan, commander?”
The captain asked.
“We shall stealthily land on an uninhabited island, close to the American continents.
From there we will sabotage their energy gridlines, along with their informational ones.
When they are completely in the dark, and panicking is when we, all together will attack their weaknesses.
We will target labs, and energy centers, to create the highest amount of damage.
With the spread of diseases, and the lack of energy supplies to power devices, their will crumble on their own.
But to be safe, we shall mess with the core of the planet, bringing forward a glacial age, alongside with almost never ending tectonic plate shifts.”
The commander said.
“Should we plant a few planetary bombs as well?”
A crewmate asked.
“We have none, too heavy and discernable energy signature.
We have the standard issued armors and weapons, and our A.I. computers and nothing more.”
The captain answered.
And so they did.
Humanity’s greatest achievements, energy sources and the spots where they fought against the deadliest’ of diseases became their end.
To top these, countless natural calamities started, the northern hemisphere and a quarter of the southern one being swallowed in blizzards and earthquakes.
In just a decade or two, humanity was on the verge of complete collapse.
That’s when the spaceship departed.
“We did!
We saved our races from the Human Empire’s clutches!”
The crew cheered, celebrating as they were travelling back to the future.
We stopped the enemy before they flourished, celebrate but be prepared.
For when we arrive back, it will be a few decades after we left, but we will be welcomed as heroes!”
The captain said, giving a speech.
A few hours later the time travel was done, and they’ve arrived in their alliance’s space…
Only, nobody was welcoming them.
Well, not nobody, there was a spaceship there, waiting for them…but it was from the Human Empire…
The alliance’s spaceship halted, and the crew paled.
The human spaceship projected the image of its captain.
It was a woman with fiery red hair, and a beautiful dress.
“Hello, little fellows, was Earth beautiful while it was dying?”
She asked.
Everyone else gasped.
“You.. YOU KNEW!”
The captain roared.
“We stabilized the temporal tunnel, our study in time fluctuations is at its peak amongst the several thousand races of our intergalactic cluster.
You think about time travel, and we sense it, let alone if you actually do time travel.”
The woman giggled.
“Why? Why did you let us destroy your race?”
The captain asked.
“Destroy it? No, no no, my fellow citizens.
All we did was let you temper us.
It’s our fate you see.
To be broken, shattered, scattered, subdued and to rise ever higher afterwards.
The phoenix has nothing on us.”
The woman laughed.
“So…so, it’s because of other races going back and trying to kill you humans…”
The captain whispered.
“That we are so strong, indeed.
Our intergalactic empire will crumble, one day, for sure, and you all will celebrate.
But when everyone forgot about humans…we will be back again, stronger than ever.
Now, enough with chit-chat, you can go home.
You will see the great changes that being under our leadership brings.
The woman said, blowing kisses.
The alliance’s crew was completely quiet…
They did what they had to…
They did what they had to, indeed…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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