Matchmaking bigshots

After many years, both Heaven and Hell decided to check directly on humanity’s progress.
Lest the reports they’ve gotten were skewed, they both sent, an angel respectively a demon to live as humans for a lifetime, and then come back to Heaven and Hell, to report their findings.
They started out as babies, and experienced all that the human world had to offer.
They grew up as above average humans.
The demon, reborn as a girl was athletic, and participated in many competitions.
The angel, reborn as a boy was smart, and participated in many competitions.
But both knew they weren’t human.
So both of them were recluses, with few friends.
But nothing was simple when it came to Heaven and Hell.
As the two were actually in the same city…
And when they started high school, they were in the same high school…
Of course, the moment the two saw each other, they’ve realized who they truly were, and a slight conflicted relation developed between them.
One would think it was the “jock versus nerd” dilemma all over again, but it was a tad bit deeper, since it was more of a “demon versus angel” dilemma.
But they weren’t violent, they simply played petty pranks on each other…constantly.
Years passed, and the pranks were getting out of hand.
The duo’s families thought they were socially awkward to the extreme, and this was their way of…showing interest.
So, they set up a “blind” date for the two.
Well, the families knew whom each of them would meet, but the two didn’t.
They begrudgingly accepted the offer, after all, neither of them ever fell in love, and had dates.
Even though both were good looking, they were never approached.
The demon, named Rose in this life, was as previously mentioned, athletic.
She had a tall and lean build, with finely defined muscles and curvatures.
Her long, fiery red hair with pale skin and light blue eyes, should’ve been a great attraction for others.
Same with the angel, named Daniel in this life of his.
He was extremely tall, neither thin nor fat, nor muscular.
With short brown hair, extremely pale sandy skin, and green eyes, he was also considered handsome.
But because of their behavior, and the fact that they were considered “okay” in their respective fields, they weren’t approached by many.
There were some tries, but a cold glance from the two scared away any boy or girl whom tried to start something with them.
And now, the two were heading towards a café, for their actual, first, true date.
Rose wore jeans, and a black crop top.
Her mother gave her a nice silver necklace with the letter R to celebrate her first date, and made Rose’s nails.
When she arrived, she looked at the tables in the café, and in a remote corner…she saw Daniel.
She instantly understood what was going on, and wanted to leave, but…she didn’t.
She was curious about how things were to go.
Daniel saw her the moment she entered.
It was hard not to.
If she was a bit more subtle, and not so straightforward and boorish, she might make a decent human being.
Even Daniel was surprised by his own thoughts.
When Rose arrived at their table, Daniel stood up, smiled and gave her a flower.(a beautiful white lily, for happiness and purity.)
Rose took it with a smile, and checked Daniel out.
He was wearing jeans as well, with a green hoodie.
His hair, and glasses were extra clean this time around, and she even saw that he had a small silver earring.
“Thanks, how come it’s not a rose that you bought for me?”
Rose asked, as she sat down.
“Even I know that that choice would’ve been too…obvious, and wrong.”
Daniel said.
“Why wrong?”
Rose asked.
“Due to your name being Rose, you must’ve been compared to the flower, thus I imagine a slight annoyance towards the flower might arose in you.”
Daniel said.
“Haha! You are right. No matter how human we are…our true nature’s shine through the cracks…right, little angel?”
Rose giggled.
The waiter, who just came up to the table, who also knew both of them, smiled at their interaction, thinking they were truly suited to each other.
Rose ordered cappuccino, and a slice of chocolate cake, while Daniel ordered three scoops of ice cream.
“So, how’s life going?”
Daniel asked.
“Good. Being slightly a prodigy helps you a lot. You aren’t the best, but you don’t have as many burdens as true prodigies.
I am having fun with the sports, and making my parents proud, so I am happy.
How about yours? Everything good in the kingdom of fantasy?”
Rose said.
“Good enough.
Can’t become a proper writer while being barely above average in one book, so I need more effort to be put in, but I can’t complain.
Also, having high grades is helpful in pacifying adults.”
Daniel said.
And so, the two talked about their lives, about their hobbies, as they waited for their orders.
Once their orders arrived, they started to enjoy them.
“So, what do you expect from this…date?”
Rose asked, as she stole a bit of Daniel’s ice cream.
“Your teeth will hurt…whatever.
I don’t know…my human side is…expecting something…good.”
Daniel said, while warning Rose of the awful cappuccino+ice cream combination effects.
Rose frowned, as her teeth started to hurt indeed.
“Yeah…I am…all antsy?
Happy but anxious at the same time…
It’s weird to be a human.”
Rose answered.
The two enthusiastically, and harmoniously talked for hours, after which Daniel took Rose home with his car.
“It was…nice.”
Daniel said.
Rose just nodded.
Daniel was about to turn back, when Rose run next to him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek, before blushing and running inside.
Daniel also froze, blushed and robotically drove away.
Rose’s parents saw everything from a window, they were “religiously cleaning” by coincidence right then, and a few seconds later, Daniel’s parents heard about it as well.
While the demon’s and angel’s human life started to turn even more interesting, far above, in the sea of clouds, two individuals were eating popcorn and watching the events unfold.
“Damn! I made the human emotions too strong! This isn’t how it should go!”
A handsome man, wearing a 3-piece grey suit, with a perfectly red tie said.
“Ho-ho, my dear son Samael. I told you, those two will get married!
Love is stronger than societal hate.
Just because one is a demon, one is an angel, that doesn’t mean they can’t get along.”
A middle-aged man, wearing sweatpants and oversized hoodies said, laughing.
“Look Pa, I can see you aren’t meddling.
But if Eros is down there doing a bit of extra work, I am going to send Strife to hang out with him.
Let’s see if his couples will feel both true love and true hate at the same time will appreciate it.”
Samael said, almost pouting.
“Haha. Life finds a way anyway, my son.”
The middle aged man said.
“Because you created it like that, that’s why.
I shouldn’t have taken the bet.”
Samael sighed.
“Not really.
I just created it.
Everything else that happens, happens because it wanted to happen.
I took my hands of everything the moment, everything was done, you know that.”
The middle aged man smiled.
“I know, that’s why I wanted to do more, and ended in Hell…
Although, it’s not that bad as the humans and other races think, but oh well, they can’t understand my gloriousness.”
Samael said, proudly.
“But they know and understand your pride, little fella.”
The middle aged man laughed.
“Okay Pa, I need to go, but I will keep a look out for the two.
Don’t go and play dirty!”
Samael said, unfurling beautiful black and white wings and disappearing.
“Haha! I wouldn’t worry about me playing dirty, but worry about the unexpected happening, youngster.”
The middle aged man said, as he started to walk upwards, stairs of clouds appearing underneath his feet…
Seemingly, two big shots were playing the matchmaking game with the demon and angel….

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