Damsel saves the villain

I lived in a world full of magic and strife.
I was living in a world full of kingdoms, empires, well everyone was playing around with the commoners’ life.
I am a princess of a middle kingdom, that tried to help those around her.
I had a silver spoon in my mouth since birth.
Cultivation techniques? Resources? Energy filled food? Possibilities to enter highly ranked sects?
I’ve had and used of them all.
Then in turn, I created new techniques, and spread them amongst the commoners, which greatly boosted the kingdoms battle strength and increased the average life expectancy.
But even then…
Even then, I’ve been kidnapped exactly 679 times!
For crying out loud!
People chased me for my body, my mind, my connections and my bloodline…
But even so…
One of the kidnappers became my best friend.
He was an expert, being chased by several sects from an alliance, because he stole his own wife back from them.
He took me as a hostage, as I was the disciple of the alliance’s leader.
But he didn’t tie me, nor did he restrict my cultivation.
He even offered me pointers.
At his hideout, I even met his wife, whom even made me her little sister.
Her wife was the most beautiful woman (aside myself), that I’ve ever seen.
We hit it off really well, and I’ve spent a few months with them.
When I went back to the alliance, I was tested for 12 days straight…
To see if I am still pure…body and soul…
It was humiliating…
So I started to cultivate madly.
And in the last 3 decades, I became a rising star, but it didn’t warm me.
I saw how strong the true experts were.
I still had a long way to go…
But I was lucky.
Just recently I got a master, that’s even stronger than the strongest expert on our continent…
She was from outside our continent, from a much wider world…
In but a mere years, I’ve progressed more than in decades before.
Now I could see that we’ve been frogs in a well…
But now, after years since I’ve been home, I need to go back…
My best friend is the biggest villain in the eyes of the public…
The alliance united the continent’s most sects and started a manhunt for him.
I’ve been a damsel in distress for half of my early life…
Now it’s time for the damsel to save the villain…
With such a thought, giggling, I sped on clouds towards my home…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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