Peculiar Jury duty

I was eating spicy chicken wings, and watching my favorite anime, when a beam of light washed over me.
The very next moment, as I opened my eyes, I found myself in a grey room, with weirdly shaped furniture, and a metallic shaped wall.
“What the…”
As I was baffled, the wall on my right side parted, and a blue skinned individual entered.
It was as tall as me, with big glassy eyes, and horns.
“Donna Lioeut I hope you aren’t too affected by this sudden summon.
By the way, I am Xleoit, in your language it would be Teo, the male version of the name.”
He said, giving me a wet swipe.
I wiped my mouth, and cleaned my hands.
“Where am I?”
I asked, slightly trembling.
“Don’t be afraid, no harm will come to you.
You are at an interdimensional court, selected for jury duty.”
He said.
I was still terrified, but also…curious.
“Jury duty?
Whose case to I have to listen to?”
I asked.
At this, he smiled wryly.
“It will be hard to understand, but if you think about this court’s name you will see the light.
The case is about Donna Lioeut’s crimes against the laws of interdimensional communities.”
He said.
“I am…the one judged?”
I asked.
“You but from another dimension.”
He nodded.
I gulped.
Right then, a beeping sound was heard.
“Come, it’s time for the trial to start.”
He said, leading me away.
Entering the court room, I finally saw the rest of the jurors…
Another 11 people…all more or less looking like me.
Some were taller, shorter, some were of a different ethnicity, and 1 was even of a different gender.
I was led up to them, and we introduced ourselves.
Myselves from other dimensions were quite varied.
Tattoo artists, doctors, police officers, saintess(I guess it’s from a fantasy or really really religious dimension), clerks, soldiers, accountants and finally me, a librarian.
We chatted, all of us really confused and curious, all but the saintess, she seemed to know about other dimensions.
And also, the soldiers were quite calm.
Soon, the judge entered.
It was…an elderly looking pink skinned woman, with a huge diamond shining in the middle of her forehead.
Then, it was time for the “me” that was judged to enter.
This me was taller than all of us, and a woman that looked exactly like a human, except she had a tail and was extremely muscular.
“Now, Donna Lioeut, you are charged with the stealing of your other selves fate and life on 89 counts.
At the same time, you’ve committed genocide on 12 planets in 9 dimensions.
By stealing, killing and impersonating from your other selves, you’ve gained understanding of subjects that are beyond a 4 dimensional beings capabilities.
This court has been gathered…”
The judge started to say, but I didn’t care.
The moment I heard she was doing the plot of “The One”, but even more sophisticatedly, I saw my other self smirk.
In that moment, the tattooists, clerks and me, excused ourselves and left, in order to “calm” ourselves.
The moment we exited, a “Smart ones…” could be heard, being said by the judged “me”.
We told the guards to prepare for the worst.
“Don’t worry, little ones, there’s no way…”
The guards started.
I wanted to say: “Don’t raise flags!”….
But at that moment, and explosion rang from the court room.
“Here we go…”
We said, looking at each other.
Clearly seen or read a story like this, but now we will be living through one…
And hopefully we will survive…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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