Negotiations for a righteous soul

There is a soul, that brought so much goodness into the world, that it’s barely quantifiable.
This woman cured all the diseases roaming the world, for everyone, cost free.
She solved the world hunger problem with a new type of fertilizer that not only helps the growth of crops but also revitalizes the ground, while also inventing several new types of crops.
She united the world, when an earth shattering calamity happened, and helped the survivors through it.
She lived a long, and fruitful life, helping others even in her death, by raising countless disciples who learnt everything from her, and also distributing her wealth to those in need.
Due to her philosophy kindness, and helping each other became popular and the norm, especially after the calamity.
And not even those rich and powerful were immune to her sway, and even they started to see the benefits of helping others.
It is said that the world will know prosperity and peace for at least a few centuries due to this woman.
Such a woman must go to Heaven, if such a place exists, right?
And right you would be, and Heaven does exist.
This woman…
This  woman made a deal with a devil, in exchange of her soul she gained the knowledge, charisma and luck to change the world for the best.
Nonetheless of her selfless sacrifice, her soul shall belong to the devil, to Hell.
But such a woman is considered as a saint amongst saints, so Heaven’s Gates are open for her…
But her soul is bound to the devil’s contract.
And now, an angel set off to have a meeting with the devil, in order to gain the soul back, for Heaven values virtuous people.
The meeting took place on Earth, at a park where the woman used to spend her free time in her last days.
It was a sunny day, but the park was extremely deserted.
For a reason or another, people that day, be it the kids, elderly or young ones, didn’t have the mood to hang out there.
It was like a ghost city for a good while, before two individuals, entering from two opposing entrances appeared to walk towards the benches of the park.
One of them was a tall, spotlessly clean looking man, sporting a blue 3-piece suit, with a yellow tie.
He had perfectly spring green hair, and emerald eyes.
He had a walking cane, with the head of a rabbit.
The other one was an equally as tall, charming woman.
Sporting a blazing red 3-piece suit, with a pitch black tie.
She had long, azure blue wavy hair and black eyes.
She also had a walking cane, with the head of a monkey.
“Liah, what a pleasure to meet you brother.”
The woman said, with a bright smile.
“Mephistopheles, I would prefer if you used my full name “Pahaliah”.
And it’s my pleasure to meet you here, “sister”.”
Pahaliah said.
Mephistopheles said down on the bench, and waited for Pahaliah to do the same.
Now that the two were sitting next to each other, Mephistopheles brought out a box.
These humans really came out with good stuff in recent centuries.”
She said.
“Thank you.”
Phaliah said, taking a chocolate.
“I thought you would disdain interacting with poor little me.
How come you are so…friendly?”
Mephistopheles asked.
“I’ve came to negotiate, albeit I didn’t expect the devil in this situation would be you, but nonetheless, I can’t be rude to you.”
He said.
“So, just because you want something, you are nice to me?
Kind of nasty, no?”
She giggled.
“Look, drop the charade, it’s not like it’s our first meeting.
We had quite the number of disputes, being on opposites ideologies.
Can we start talking about the woman’s soul?”
Phaliah said, sighing.
“Oh? This?
I transformed into this form, because it gets me things easier with the humans.
A good looking woman, that is smart and looks like she has money is like a 90% working charm.”
Mephistopheles laughed.
“I meant about the saintess, not you.
I got used to you randomly changing your vessel.”
He sighed.
“Awww, so you don’t think I am looking good?”
Mephistopheles pouted.
“I don’t know.
From angelic standards, all I see is a soul tainted in desire and sins, but…”
Phaliah said.
“But…finish it, you stubborn pigeon.”
Mephistopheles laughed, poking the sides of the angel.
“But from human standards, albeit you are extremely annoying, you are…
Indeed good looking.”
He finished, slapping Mephistopheles’s hand away.
At this, Mephisto started to laugh loudly.
“Ah, my friend Liah, I missed our banter, we should go drinking at the pub sometimes!”
She said.
“You stay too much with the humans, that I start to think it’s them who corrupt you and not the other way around…”
The angel remarked.
“Says the individual who most likely would’ve emptied all the bookstores and sweet stores, had it not been the case that he is often sent on missions.”
Mephistopheles snorted.
Phaliah coughed slightly.
“Back to the topic, what do you wish for the saintess’ soul?”
He asked.
“I don’t really know…
The soul is of utmost quality, it’s really rare…
Hmm, this chocolate is so good…
*omnom* and the soul is rightfully mine so…”
Mephistopheles said, with mouth full of chocolate.
Phaliah took out a handkerchief and gave it to her.
“Clean yourself.
And also, Heaven is willing to pay several regions that it occupied in Hell or here on Earth…”
Phaliah offered.
“So, no bargaining?
Nothing at all?”
Mephistopheles raised an eyebrow.
“Hah, you’ve spent more years up here than I did.
You know how humanity is.
Albeit saints still appear every decade or so, saints of this quality…
It’s been a long time…and Heaven needs a new soul like this.”
Phaliah said.
Mephistopheles laughed.
“You being you is really hurtful for the negotiations.
Like this, I could ask for the world, and it would still seem acceptable.”
She said, giggling.
“Stop stalling, I have a void realm to patrol soon.
Tell me, what do you want?”
Phaliah said.
“Usually, it’s me who says that phrase, but okay.
I want you, to accompany me on earth, for 5 decades.”
Mephistopheles said.
Phaliah asked, looking at Mephistopheles with eyebrows raised.
“Michael and you are the only angels that don’t feel the need to instantly smite me on sight.
Demons fear me if they are lower levelled, while those on my level…
They are always plotting.
And humans…
Humans are too short lived…they have many more things to focus on, than to enjoy life with me…
So come, enjoy Earth for a while, and the soul is yours!”
Mephistopheles exclaimed.
Phaliah sighed, and looked towards the skies.
But try not to trick me too often like last time…
You know that I tend to be too straightforward.”
Phaliah said.
Mephistopheles grinned, and threw an orb to the angel.
The angel caught it, then promptly threw it upwards.
A pillar of light caught it, whilst the sky brightened for a few seconds.
“Where now?”
The angel asked.
“We shall have lunch at my favorite restaurant, before going to the cinema.
There is this movie I was waiting for coming out…”
Mephistopheles said, grabbing Phaliah’s arm and dragging him after her…

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