Involuntarily became the greatest beast tamer

I can’t believe it…
I’ve been reincarnated into a world of sword and magic…
And while I wasn’t really into fantasy or science fiction back on Earth, I’ve read a few books and comics on the topic…
And I could see where my life was set to go.
I was born into a noble’s family, a Duke’s household. (basically, best background, right below royal families, and top-tier sects)
To top that, our family is the leader of the 4 ducal households, my father is the sworn brother of the emperor, he is the strongest warrior of the Empire, and mom is the wisest sorceress of the Empire.
To top, topping that, I am their sole child…
And to top, the top of the top, I remember my previous life perfectly, so my soul is most likely purer and stronger, my mind and memory perfect.
Plenty of cheats already, right?
Well, I’ve been a zoologist, my last life.
My main study has been mammals and reptiles, predominantly mammals, but that’s not the point.
The point is that I’ve got some blessings concerning my previous life.
Nature’s Chosen, Charm of the Wild, and No barrier are the three divine blessings I have.
Before explaining them: everyone is able to awaken one or more blessings at the age of 7, and from there on, they focus on their own path.
But there are blessed individuals, that are born with extra blessings, like me.
Nature’s Chosen meant that I am really close to nature, and spirits, animals, beasts and nature itself will be friendly to me.
Charm of the Wild, beasts will be attracted to me.
No barrier meant that I could understand and speak any language, even the language of animals and plants.
Well, long story short, what I am trying to say is that some kind of deity, devil or transcendental entity wants me to be either a hero or an evil lord of some kind.
Or worse, some pawn or puppet they can watch to relieve their boredom.
But they would be wrong, for since I have my previous life memories, my resolve is as strong as it can get.
A whole new world, of sword and magic.
Beasts of unknown properties…
Imagine the possibilities, imagine the research I can make on them.
How can dragons, phoenixes and other beings exist?
How can there be entities made out of water, or earth or fire?
How can there be beasts that are beasts yet more intelligent than humans?
I need to…
I need to study them all, and that’s what I will do!
Forget saving or destroying the world, all I want is to study the myriad beasts of this new world.
So, I started my plans.
At a young age of a few months old, I could already speak perfectly. (Mostly, my body was still too weak to actually speak entire phrases and complex sentences, but I could show off the fact that I could totally understand what the adults around me spoke about.)
At 3 years old, I finally saw some beasts and there were mesmerizing…
My household had an affiliation with serpentine beasts, and had quite a few roaming in the garden.
They were magnificent.
All of them were intelligent, able to understand human speech while some of the older ones were able to transform into human form….
It was absolutely mind boggling…
How could they transform into human form?
It was absolutely imperative for me to start learning…
So I sneaked into the library and started reading…
Only…I could read yet, but I quickly learnt from a tutor mother hired for me.
For that instance, both my parents loved me.
When my father saw my fascination with the serpents, he went on a business trip and when he came back, he gave me an egg.
When my mother saw my interest in books, she went on and gained a blessing from the Goddess of Wisdom, for my memory to become even better.
They gave me everything they could.
And at age 7, I surprised them.
I awakened five blessings, which was above the average. (Normal people 2-3, elites 4-5, geniuses 6-7)
Since I already had 3, I jumped to 8 blessings which was quite impressive, or so I was told.
In these few years, I’ve read a lot and started training my body with the castle’s Knight Guards Captain’s instructions.
So, back to the blessings I’ve got: Scholar’s Mind, Flexible Thinking, Knowledge Bank, Body of Nature and Beastly Bloodline.
So, let’s begin with explanations:
1) Scholar’s Mind- makes it easier for me to learn things, and makes it easier to focus on them
2) Flexible Thinking- makes my mind work differently than normal people’s, and makes it easy to find new ways to solve a problem, and makes it easier to accept absurd revelations
3)Knowledge Bank- anything I hear, read and learn is never forgotten, but I can consciously hide it, so it’s not using computing power, also I am able to explain the knowledge I have in easier terms
4)Body of Nature- my attunement to nature is increased, my body’s state is perfected, I can find it easier to meditate, calm down or train in wild places
5)Beastly Bloodline-my blood can accept the blood of beasts, and enhancing a certain attribute of my body. This has no limits, and purer and stronger the bloodline I ingest, the more efficient the enhancement is.
So, yeah, kind of busted and overpowered.
A quite stable balance of scholarly but still battle capable blessings.
But not even I thought that my parents would simply ask me.
“So, son, what do you want to do?”
My father asked me.
The problem wasn’t that he asked me, it was that he asked me whilst at dinner…where are the nobles, and guests who were curious about my awakening were also listening.
When my father saw me faltering, he snorted.
I say snorted but it sounded like thunder.
“Don’t care about what these people would think.
That’s not how men of our household behave.
Speak, they wouldn’t there to object anyway.”
He said.
Mom giggled, but everyone else just smiled wryly or looked away.
This wasn’t overestimated pride or confidence…this was a fact.
“I want to study beasts of all kinds and travel the world…”
I said, after a while.
The moment I said that, some gasps could be heard.
Not a surprise.
My dad is an esteemed Weaponmaster, while mother is the greatest magician of the Empire.
Me wanting to study beasts is quite the shock for the other nobles.
“Excuse me, Young Master William, but why would you want to do so?
The beasts are either simply dangers upon our safety or simply tools for us…
Why would you want to study them?”
The representative of the royal family questioned.
“Do you know why there are beast tides,  outside the 10 year cycle?”
I asked him.
My mom smiled, she knew already what was going on, after all, I already has this conversation with a mage colleague of hers.
“Because they’ve grown too large in number, and they set out to find new territories and food.”
A youth around my age next to the representative answered with a “this is easy” look.
“So, if we knew their reproduction speed, their reproduction rituals, if we knew how much food they need, how much time they need to mature, how strong they can get, how high are the chances for a mutation to occur…we could prepare better, no?”
I asked.
This silenced a lot of murmurs.
After all, I was barely a 7 year old kid.
“But mages already did that, why would a noble like you do it?”
Another child chimed in.
“Because the mages did it on a surface level, after all, magic is much more important to them, than the behavior of beasts.
But I will study it in absolute details, and maybe even find ways to pacify the beasts of the wild territories.”
I said.
This statement gained some chuckles from the adults attending.
Indeed, my ambition in this new world wasn’t simply the study of beasts, but also their “protection”.
If I could find a way to stop them being so aggressive to humans, I could facilitate a truce.
No more questions were asked, and everything ended with me gaining two pseudo-saint winged-serpents as bodyguards.
At this level, they could already take human form.
What father didn’t know, is that I have contracted them, as they voluntarily offered such a thing to me.
That night, I couldn’t sleep, as I was studying the possibilities of my new blessings.
Also, the dinner riled me up a bit.
As I was fidgeting, a cracking sound was heard.
It was the egg my father brought home a few years back.
Soon, a little green head poked out, and started to devour the egg shells.
In a few seconds, a small dragon, the size of a house cat was sleeping soundly on my chest.
It was emerald in color, with two silver stubs on his head.
“A variant Emerald Dragon…”
I muttered, as I fell asleep.
In the morning, the maid that came to wake me up and help me prepare for breakfast shrieked.
The little dragon, burnt her eyebrow, when she tried to play with it.
My parents were really happy that the little fellow hatched…right before I left.
That’s right, I was about to go abroad, and study in the Magician’s Tower.
The place where all knowledge of this world can be found.
It wasn’t easy.
I got myself a reputation already with my statement, and an elderly ancient mage took me as an apprentice.
He was a druid, and a summoner, so his field of study was also the myriad beasts.
He didn’t teach me magic, but he taught me about contracts with beasts, and taught me a lot about beasts.
I graduated in 20 years, at the young age of 27. (This was an achievement, as the average time spent by students in the tower before graduation is 73 years. Yeah, lifespan is a bit different here.)
After that, my journey truly started.
The winged serpents became saints in these 20 years, and little Silva(the emerald dragon), became a pseudo-saint, same as me, in this time-frame.
The two winged serpents, sighed, for they needed more than a century to achieve pseudo-sainthood, and were still called geniuses.
And the 4 of us, alongside with an annoying teacher, that wanted to experience youth once more, started our journey.
From the neverending forests of the Azilsvina Continent, to the always blizzard stricken mountain peaks of the Cosbeldri Continent.
From the sun basked sand oceans of the Goseanb Continent to the endless plains of the Tipletin Continent.
From the shallow waters of the coasts to the depths of all the oceans.
We’ve travelled far and wide, this world being filled with species of bugs, mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, and then the mythical ones whom were a combination or something entirely new and different from the classification from Earth.
Each species also had variants of different elements, of different laws, in different places of the world.
For a reason or another, each of the species gave me either a cub or a family member as a partner.
I contracted with more beasts than the number of humans back on Earth in those few tens of thousands of years I’ve spent studying…
After roughly 30 thousand years, people forgot about me, but not about my parents.
They were still active, they even gave me a little sister!
And I was so happy, as I was soon to become a father as well.
I wooed a demigod fairy, and we’ve been married for a few thousand years now.
The wedding was small, it was in another dimension I’ve created for all the beasts I’ve contracted.
But that wasn’t all that I was happy about.
I was also happy about the fact that I didn’t have to save the world, for other heroes appeared.
I even helped a few of them, by gifting specially created little creatures to them. (studying and mixing bloodlines is my main discipline)
But nothing lasts forever.
Roughly before my 50thousandth birthday, my children were injured while helping the group of heroes, fight off some invaders from another planet.
I was busy with a research, my wife was busy with a trial in her lands (she was the Empress of the fairies), so I sent 10% of my friends to help the kids.
I thought it won’t be an overkill, but I overlook something.
The beasts that chose to be contracted to me…multiplied in my dimension…
So 10% was more than 10 times the number of originally contracted beasts…
Let’s say that the invaders were billions in number, but they were defeated in 2 hours, and my kids were home for dinner.
And of course, they had to brag about their old pops…
So somehow, I became the greatest beast tamer ever, that was hidden, and protecting the world from the shadows…

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