The Demigod of Madness?

I am not really good with people.
It’s not because I don’t understand them, but because I understand them too well.
I could sense since a child, other people’s wishes…dreams…ambitions…
And whether I wanted or not, I somehow fanned the flames in the right way, thus easily gaining the favor of those around me…
And before you start rolling your eyes, and calling me a hypocrite, wait a second.
It’s true that I could enter the good graces of people easily.
And thus one would expect that I could have many friends…
But I didn’t.
It was tiring, because I knew from our first conversations whether we could be true friends or just some…friendly acquaintances at best.
I am not picky, but(yeah, the I am not…but excuse), but I really want friends with whom I wouldn’t feel an alien.
My dream of having a family, a house of my own, and a library of my own, is the realm I was in.
The people around me were all chasing dreams and living their best lives, and good for them, but it wasn’t for me.
I already knew what I loved, what I wanted, why should I feel bad trying to focus on that?
I know that judging a book after its cover is bad, so I tried befriending different kinds of people, and this opinion of mine of me not being good with people…was born after it.
It was simply too hard.
We either drifter apart in the matter of weeks, due to non-intersecting lives or they became like my patients, constantly dumping their problems, stress and anything upsetting on me.
But I wasn’t friendless.
I had two good friends, a psychopath that thinks he’s funny, but he’s a genius so all his quirks are forgiven.
And a curious girl, who most likely will have travelled the entire Earth and more, by the age of 25.
We are 3 teenagers right now, in our last High School year, which forebodes no good for us.
Little Lily, is curious so she travels/explores a lot without a care, but is literally able to survive anything since she knows almost everything related to survival.
Crazy Daniel on the other hand, is still trying to create nanobots while working on Ambrosia, the great elixir of immortality.
And then, there’s me, who can tell you your greatest dreams, ambitions and sometimes, even see the paths you might choose in the future.
With how weird we are, it’s 99.9% that something will happen this year.
And happen it did.
It was a normal day at first.
I was dragged out of my apartment by Lily, before assaulting Daniel’s secret laboratory (his parents garage), and going to school.
But, before we could arrive there, the ground shook.
We mistook it for an earthquake, but we were awfully wrong.
The street before us split, and out came a serpent’s head the size of a smaller house.
“I smell…the divinity…”
It spoke.
It spoke.
Let that sink it.
The goddamn, snake with a head large enough for a family of 6 to easily live in it, freaking spoke!
That wasn’t the worse part.
The worst part was that I could see his dream…of eating me, and sprouting wings and becoming…a god I think?
But then, even that wasn’t the worst part for too long, for Lily laughed, took out a dagger (which was too long, and too sharp looking even for her), and jumped at it…
All the while Daniel started to drool.
“Those scales…serpent blood…serpent gallbladder… so many materials…”
He muttered, trying to wipe his mouth.
I sighed.
I looked up and locked gazes with the snake like monstrosity. (I knew very well it wasn’t a normal snake, snakes can’t have heads as big as a house…or can they?)
But something weird happened.
As Lily was jumping and trying to reach the snake’s head, as I locked gazes with it…I felt a warmth flow through me.
A voice whispered.
And the snake’s eyes bulged, then it fell straight into the ground.
I was baffled, but Lily and Daniel were unbothered.
Lily went in for the kill, and stabbed the monster right through its skull. (that dagger ain’t normal either)
And Daniel started to let the blood out into weirdly, octagonal shaped boxes, before going into the mouth of the monstrosity…(I assume he went to look for the venom glands and the gallbladder, not sure though)
I sighed.
Here comes my story.
I stood there, waiting for them to enjoy themselves, with hands in my hoodie’s pockets.
Soon, they’ve stopped and smirked at me.
“You always said you are a weirdo, an alien.
You weren’t wrong.”
Daniel said.
“Yeah, you are a demigod little Dean.”
Lily chimed in.
“And you know this how…?”
I asked.
“Oh, when you were born you released a slight fluctuation of divinity.
Other gods, demigods and monsters are sensitive to it, so they’ve sensed it.
We’ve been neighbors anyway, so we’ve been assigned to wait on you, until your powers activate completely.”
Daniel said.
“And me, sending the snakey there to Dreamland is the complete activation?”
I asked.
“Yes and no.
It’s first time the divinity came to the surface of your very being.
From this point on, you started being more of a god than a mortal.”
Lily explained.
I sighed.
“And now what?”
I asked.
“You took the existence of gods, monsters and alike too well.
You are truly a weirdo.”
Daniel laughed.
“I lived in my dreams of fantasy worlds and alternate realities…
Although, hearing you, those might have been more than dreams, but whatever.
I’ve imagined stuff like this for too long, you think I would be too surprised?”
I said.
“That’s why we genuinely love ya, little Dean!”
Lily said, jumping on me.
I laughed as well.
“No time to waste Lily, we need him to take to the Demigod Mountain.”
Daniel said, looking around.
The clouds were weird, and the ground was slightly shaking again…
“Demigod Mountain?”
I asked.
“All the pantheons have joined together to create a pocket dimension.
There, the demigods can live in safety from monsters that want to eat us to evolve, and also from gods that would want to brainwash us.”
Lily said.
“Us? So you are…?”
I probed.
“Yeah, I am the son of Thoth, she’s the daughter of Tyr.
Now, let’s stop the chit-chat and leave.”
Daniel said, in his usual snarky “let me get back at my research” tone.
I nodded, and followed him.
“And me?
Do you know who is my…father or mother?”
I asked, since I knew both my mortal parents.
We don’t know.”
Lily said, and Daniel snorted.
That means not even the gods know it, which means my heritage is either too good or too bad.”
I sighed.
“We will figure it out home…”
Daniel said, as he pushed a brick into the wall of an abandoned alley, and a door opened.
When we entered, all around us was darkness, and far ahead was a light pulsating.
“That’s our destination, and all around is the void.
This is like teleportation, but more dangerous, but faster.
Take care, the void corrupts and destroy matter for it is made out of anti-matter.”
Daniel cautioned…
But I felt a familiarity with the void…
A familiar warmth…
I suddenly shuddered, for I think I’ve gained a glimpse to whom my heritage belongs…
And that shall make my life much…much more harder when people find out…
As I was mulling over this, we arrived.
In front of us, a mountain range, with 36 peaks piercing the skies stood tall, and majestic.
Everywhere I looked, the land stretched endlessly, and I could feel that everything was purer…more energetic…simply better…
“Let’s do this…”
I said, hugging both of my friends.
I won’t let worry flood my life.
For if I have these two idiots, and a couple(millions) of books, I am good…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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