Fate rewards the kind

The world is a vast place.
And it’s beautiful.
Forests filled with life and creatures, and flora of unknown potential, untold beauty and unknown danger.
Lakes of depths terrifying and clearness of soul.
Mountains stabbing through the sea of clouds an mountains connection realms.
Deserts of unknown vastness, filled with death but also life…
Many, many landscapes and even more races and individuals inhabiting our vast vast world.
So it’s easy to understand that conflict is also never ending.
Whether it’s for land, resources, out of boredom, out of pride or simply because the races are innately incapable of living peacefully with each another…conflict is ever present, in all its forms.
But there were still kind souls, albeit rare.
Such an individual was Agatha the Wandering Healer.
She was a high-elf selected to be the High Priestess of her race, but instead of going through with the succession, she went off traveling the world.
She was loved by the moon, and her cultivation was of the purest kind, making her an exceptional cultivator and healer.
She slowly walked the path of a Saint.
From tending the injured in various conflicts through solving plagues both natural and artificial, nowadays she’s roaming the world, healing whomever she finds, but most importantly…
She heals the elites that were hidden away due to their dangerous, hidden ailments…
Right now, she was hiking through the mountains, after healing a certain Thunder Roc ancestor’s problems…
As she was walking, she stopped.
“Blood. Unknown scent, so an unknown race…Interesting…”
She murmured, as she sped off in the direction of the blood’s smell.
Soon, she arrived at a large tree, where the grass and the snow was covered in blood.
Walking up to the tree, she bent down, and grabbed the air.
She seemed to grasp something, and as she moved her hand, a figure appeared in sight.
It was a man, that even while sitting, leaning onto the tree was still taller than Agatha.
“Blood loss is obvious, but those black veins…hmm, poison but energy or law based…
Quite the number of broken bones, damaged inner organs…
Quite the mess…”
She mumbled, as she checked the man’s situation.
As she was checking on him, his eyes suddenly opened, and he grabbed her hand.
“W-w-who..are you?”
He asked.
Agatha eyes lit up for a bit.
He caught her hand so effortlessly…even while so hurt.
“I am the one who will save you, now sleep.”
She said, as she took some Deep Night Mushroom powder from her pouch, and blew it in his face.
Slowly, his eyelids got heavier, and he fell asleep.
“His breathing is stable…
He’s already healing…”
She murmured.
Then she stood up, and knocked on the tree.
Two leaves have fallen, and transformed into 3m tall treants.
“Lift him up gently, and follow me.”
She said, as she walked towards the side of a mountain.
There she made a cave, a bed out of rock, and a fireplace.
“Put him on the bed.”
She said to the treants.
The treants did so and then left.
Agatha started a fire with some rock powder from her pouch, took out a cauldron and started to brew the medicine.
Alongside with her cultivation technique and the medicine, the man’s injuries quickly started to heal.
Bringing a Star Eater Leech, she also eliminated all the poison from his system.
Not even a week later, he was completely healed, yet still sleeping.
The sleeping part was because she was constantly feeding him sleeping medicine, lest he interferes with the healing process.
Now that he’s healed, Agatha woke him up.
With a bit of special medicine, with a smell not so pleasant, he woke up with a jump, his head making a hole in the ceiling of the cave.
“*Phew*, damn, hard headed patient you are.
Even making a hole in a solid rock cave.”
Agatha said.
He looked down at Agatha, but then stopped.
He checked his body, that was now clothed in a fine black suit.
“Fitting Grass Cloth, it will take the size of the wearer.
Knitting from that grass is a hobby of mine.”
Agatha chimed in.
After a while of checking his body’s condition he sat down.
“You healed me.”
He said.
“You must be a real genius.
Yes, I’ve healed, and now, I will be on my way.
Take care.”
Agatha said, giggling.
And with that she left.
But what she didn’t know, that the man she saved was of an unparalleled status.
Soon, her life turned for the better.
She randomly found rare and precious herbs, medicine.
Her domain started to get cubs of rare beasts, as beast raising was one of her hobbies.
Her few enemies started to disappear mysteriously and she found rare resources on her doorstep every now and then.
When meeting with the leaders of her world’s greatest forces, everyone was afraid of her.
She sighed.
“Whom did I save this time…”
She muttered, shrugging, continuing to devise treatment plans…
While she did that, in a realm far away from the reach of normal individuals, plans for a wedding started to brew in a bored God’s mind…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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