The Postman Law

Alexander was a postman.
And he was good at his job.
He worked with multiple firms, delivering packages, letters, gifts, flowers and even…secrets.
As a postman, he didn’t have a lot of rules to follow.
One:take care of the package, the package is more important than your life.
Two: Never ever show the contents of the package to anyone, send it to the address, make sure it gets to the right person and that’s it. You shall not show it to anyone.
And Alexander was always following the rules.
He was one of the best of the best at his job.
Cars, bicycles, motorbikes, ships, yachts, submarines, airplanes, helicopters, Pegasus, dragons anything that could be used as a mount he knew how to use.
Hiking, trail seeking, trap detection, climbing, sprinting, high-endurance, any skill needed to deliver nigh-impossible deliveries…he had them.
Some said he was also a demigod.
Others said that he tricked a devil for his powers all the while he managed to keep his soul.
But even the mighty ones have weaknesses or at least moments of weakness.
And Alexander’s weakness was his little sister.
She was ill, and curing her, albeit possible it was costly.
Thus he trained and became the man he was today, taking the most dangerous deliveries that could be or couldn’t be accepted.
Through hard work, he earned enough to buy a Fruit of Life, born from the Yggdrasil itself, and his sister was cured.
And life was good, she was quickly catching up with her studies, she started to begin to heal her physique.
She soon would become totally healthy once more, with no differences from others.
But, as she was studying, as she was living, she heard about the postmen, and their importance.
She was curious by nature, and even more so after living for so long in a hospital room.
And knowing that her brother is one of the best, of such an illustrious occupation, she had to ask to see a package.
And Alexander knew what that meant.
What breaking the code, breaking the postman law meant.
And he knew he shouldn’t.
And he knew that his little sister would understand.
But still, for a reason or another, he couldn’t deny this from her.
Thus, when he got a relatively safe and not-so-important package.
Nothing much, just some rarer cultivation materials that needed to be delivered into a Death  Zone, he showed the contents of the package to his sister.
The package itself was in a spatial ring, safely sealed.
This time, the materials were seeds of undying trees, millennia old herbs and vials of various void beasts blood.
Nothing extra, quite costly, but nothing out of the ordinary.
At least not for him.
But, it was still a breach of the law he swore to abide.
The moment his sister lay eyes on the contents of the package, the seal reacted, the alarms went off and a guardian avatar started forming.
“Thy foolishness is thy demis…”
The avatar started saying, but Alexander just slapped it away.
“Big brother…?”
His little sister questioned.
Alexander just smiled, and patted her head.
“Don’t worry it’s nothing.”
He said.
Then, rummaging through his pockets (which were bigger on the inside), he found a nice pendant, which he gave to his sister.
“Here, wear this.”
He said.
“It’s pretty!”
She exclaimed.
The pendant was in the shape of a bird with green wings, and golden body.
It was a great charm that was able to hide the owner’s presence from those who had evil thoughts about them.
Afterwards, he started to go on his way.
He had a delivery to finish.
On his way to the address, he was attacked more than ten thousand times, which was just a bit over the average number of attacks he suffered.
Most of them came from colleagues and the special forces of the postmen that dealt with traitors.
One of them was Alexander’s direct boss.
“Listen, you’ve breached the code, you need to be punished.”
He said.
“After the delivery, and if you can catch me.”
Alexander shrugged, continuing his journey.
Regardless of traps, ambushes and attacks sent his way, he survived them all, and entered the Death Zone called: “Forest Of Before life”.
It was a forest filled with creatures born before this universe came into existence.
After finishing the delivery, he walked through the densely packed trees and looked outside.
There, he could see entire armies moving, getting into place…waiting for him.
“This reminds me of my first year as a postman…”
He sighed, before vanishing and starting a new journey…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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