The World of the Green Door

Our world has no heroes.
We’ve seen and heard about the other worlds that are out there.
They’ve got heroes, elites and giants that would hold up the sky when it falls.
Individuals that can lay waste to entire battlefields.
People who won’t die when killed, people whom face armies with smiles on their faces.
People whom can concoct potions that give eternal life or poisons that can drown stars.
People whose bodies can bathe in stars and swat planets like flies.
People whom can control, create or summon beasts that can swallow the moon and drink the oceans.
We have none of them.
Our world is the same as their in other regards.
Maybe even more dangerous.
But we are people of wisdom, and curiosity, so even the number of soldiers is lower than that of others, for most of us are scholars, scientists.
But we fear not our enemies, but something that we consider our guardian.
Our world has a name, just like others have.
Worlds are named after their creator, their most dominant trait, their leading race, civilization or guardian.
Our world’s name is given by the guardian’s name or status.
Our world is named “The World of the Green Door”.
There is a humongous green door situated between two mountain ranges, and in front of the red ocean on our world.
The door itself is made of an unknown material, with live engravings on it.
The engravings move, speak, sing, squeak, screech, roar and knock all the time.
There is no finite number of engravings and there is no engraving that is seen twice.
Whenever we’ve faced a calamity, be it natural or under the force of another civilization we’ve opened the door.
Opening the door means approval of the entering of a being or phenomenon from said door.
Opening the door means the acquisition of a hero, a legend, a god, a mythical artefact and more.
Opening the door means certain doom for someone.
Opening the door means that we needed to pray.
That the one, or the thing that comes out of the door, will treat us as an ally and not as food or as an enemy…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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