Prophecies that come to be

Today was a painful day for the king of the Zermegoa Kingdom.
For the day was one that was supposed to be of the utmost joy, the birth of his heir, of his firstborn, of his son.
But joy transformed into despair, when the royal oracle was sized by the gods, and a prophecy was thrown at the king.
“Blood from blood will turn against each other.
The heir will rise through slaughter.
An old man’s dying wish
To see his citizens not on a leash.”
The king understood well, that he will be killed by his own son, whilst the reason would be his bad conduct and leadership.
Heavy clouds hung over the palace, for the courtiers, the queen, the concubines, the maids and servants were all awaiting the king’s orders.
All the while, the young boy, who has just been born, has been playing with his mother’s hair.
The oracle, some knights and some wizards were also waiting for the order.
The king was pondering, when the oracle coughed slightly.
“Ahem, my liege…
The gods have spoken, you should…”
The oracle left the obvious unsaid.
“And have my own son killed?
Or worse, kill my own son?
Will that event then be foiled by a divine being, a demon or other such entities?
And then, when years passed, whilst mourning, while enduring my dear wife’s grievance, he shall come back, and slay me in combat for revenge, from hatred?
Better let him grow besides me and end me, if I ever be foolish enough to even think of such horrendous atrocity.”
The king said, dismissing the oracle.
The oracle wanted to argue, but a glare from the king, and a firm grasp from a knight silenced him.
The king then joined his queen, and pampered his newborn.
Seasons changed, and the kid grew.
The king showered his child with love, while the queen educated him about the world.
The kingdom flourished but still held many problems.
Decades passed, and the kid became a man, with a wife and kids.
The king fell ill, and his crown and burdens fell upon his sole son.
No physician nor wizard, oracle or divine envoy could heal the old king.
He was in pain constantly, half a step already in the lands beyond.
The son, took upon himself the greatest burden, and with a steady hand, and a pillow he ended his father’s life.
Nobody knew, how wet the pillow was due to the new king’s tears…
And thus, the prophecy came to be…in a rather different situation.
The kingdom mourned for a year, whilst the son never stopped mourning.
He became a new, and better man.
The day of his coronation, once again turned from better to worse, when the oracle got a new prophecy.
“The king of ages has come to be
Seasons of bountiful harvest and happiness he brings for thee
But as everything in life, this shall be balanced too
And to his family a great disservice he will do
For a king for his kingdom she shall be
And his family alone he shall leave.
But mourn his family shall not
For the greatest evil of them all
Under the king’s might will fall.”
And this, the young king burst out into a boisterous laughter.
“And now what do you expect of me?
Rage, be scare, be proud?
I shall live as my father live, my own life.
Whatever will fate bring it shall come, regardless if man accepts or runs from it.”
The king said, and continued with the ceremony.
Afterwards, he spent all his efforts into reforming his kingdom.
His two sons, and three daughters also helped a lot.
The sons were great generals whom pacified bandits and neighboring countries, for nobody wanted to engage into a battle with the troops they’ve trained.
And at the same time, everyone wanted their troops to be trained by them, which they readily accepted and did.
The daughters were amazing in reading people’s emotions and desires.
Two became ambassadors, both getting married to foreign princes while the last one, the youngest became one of the most successful merchants, rising up and even managing to create a new household name, her own noble family.
But some people were discontent…
“The king has never battled, nor has he initiated wars…
He was promised to erase evil, to erase darkness, but he did nothing!”
Some voices echoed.
But to this, young scholars, recently out from the benches of the academies just shook their heads.
“He opened the royal family’s treasury to help rebuild the farmlands and to build academies.
Now, even peasants can read and write, and the methods to till the land, to take care of it, to plant, to raise animals are in the hundreds if not thousands.
Famine is no more, and the academies brought in dozens of waves of healers to help us stop the plague.
He opened his arms for neighboring countries, and spread his ideas free of charge, but a signature of non-violence agreement.
His diplomatic measures ended 8 wars before they even begun…
And here you are, saying he did nothing?”
The scholars said.
The people who argued that the king was not what the oracles promised tried to retort, but then, even the elderly stepped in.
“Evil is simply like a strong, almost undying mushroom or weed.
It grows in any cracks, any shadows it can find a hiding place.
The king might not be valiant, with a sword in hand or able to throw a spell that levels a mountain.
But he spread his light so far away, and so vastly, that evil has no shadow to take root in.
Maybe…maybe only in the hearts of people, but even then.
There are jobs, there is food and there are healers and houses.
What ambition could anyone have to turn to evil?
Only one, whose ambition can’t be doused by an oceans worth of water would turn to it…”
The elderly sighed.
In the end, the prophecy came true once more.
For the king eradicated evil, and made his kingdom and his entire continent flourish.
But he did disappoint his family, for as a great man, even though he lived long enough, it wasn’t enough for his family, and he left them sadly all the same like others…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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