The children of the night, as they are known more poetically, vampires are noble, cruel and wise creatures.
The myths about them are mixed, some are truth some are fictitious.
They aren’t afraid of silver, garlic nor crosses.
But they do drink blood, can shape-shift and control their thralls, although not in the way the movies, and some books portray them.
Let’s start with shape-shifting.
The vampires cells are different, from the ones of other living beings, they are able to grow in numbers and heal much faster and with 1000th of the energy our cells require.
Also, their stability is high but not their form, so they can shape-shift in multiple shapes, not just “bats”…
Now, about the drinking blood and controlling others part, it’s complicated.
Vampires do drink blood, but it’s due to its nurturing properties not because of necessity.
Vampires wouldn’t die nor weaken profoundly if they refuse to drink blood.
They can also substitute human blood with animal blood, and gain more or less the same amount of energy.
The only true benefit of human blood is the birth of a new vampire, and this is where the controlling part comes up.
As I said, they do drink blood and they do consume human blood.
They usually do so from volunteers.
Why would anyone volunteer to be emptied from their blood? One might ask.
It’s fairly simple.
Vampires have 2 known diseases that are said to be already eradicated, and have an average lifespan of 3000 years.
As it is, the more a human is fed upon by a vampire, the more and more their body changes.
Roughly, in average, it takes 8 to 12 feeding sessions for a human to completely start its transitioning to vampirehood.
The entire process is painful, and requires a strong will and no external help, otherwise they simply…die.
But, the fully-fledged vampires can go around transforming everyone who volunteers, there is a bureaucratic process involved.
The entire vampire race is managed by an Elders Council, in which the oldest and noblest vampire lines/families hold a seat.
They decide whether a human is worthy or not of becoming a vampire.
For becoming a vampire gives one at least 3000 years of a lifespan, but that’s the average, whilst the majority of the vampire race is filled at the moment with “newborn” vampires.
If taken into account only the noble families for example, the average lifespan is roughly between 30 to 50 thousand years.
How is it possible for such a discrepancy to occur?
Well, seemingly the vampires can enhance their bloodline purity and their cellular composition through meditation and enlightenment over fundamental vampire laws, beliefs.
It’s scientifically hard almost impossible to understand such reasons, but humanity was given this explanation when the Elders Council was asked.
Regardless, the vampires try to remain neutral, barely interacting with humans safe for some help here and there when humanity seems to be failing.
Are they really so aloof, that they think its beneath them to meddle with us and they think that we need their protection?
Or is there something more in the background?
We don’t know yet, but one thing is sure.
Vampires do exist, but they aren’t as villainous as portrayed…or they are really good at masking things…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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