Spiders, our new allies

In a laboratory deep under the ground, Marcus was playing his favorite game.
He was trying to find a way to make spiders sentient.
You’ve read that right.
Making spiders sentient.
That’s Marcus’s big love child of a project.
And don’t get it wrong.
He’s not a mad scientist…well, not a secret mad scientist.
His project is founded by several organizations, for it could help increasing intelligent, reaction, reflexes in humans as well.
Also, Marcus loves spiders, but he knows they are dangerous.
Thus all the friends he is trying to “enlighten” had their  venom glands removed (without any pain).
But Marcus compensated with giving them strengthened body, and slowly growing intelligence.
And after a decade of trials and errors, after countless nights spent trying to figure out the impossible, Marcus succeeded.
It was 5 little friends of his, who started to not only follow his assignments, but also actively talk with him through Morse code. (he taught it 24/7 to them)
It was 2 Antilles Pinktoe tarantulas, 1 skeleton tarantula and 2 peacock tarantulas.
Afterwards he saw success in multiple spider species, regardless if they were jumping, water, ground, sac, crab or wolf spiders they all started to communicate.
First, with Marcus then…between themselves.
In but 2 years, most of the roughly half a million spiders in the lab learnt the Morse code perfectly, and was having daily conversations with Marcus.
Then, a year later, it was found their offspring were innately able to use the Morse code, but most importantly: they were bigger and much more peaceful than their parents.
Marcus estimated that it won’t take more than 100 thousand years for these spiders to evolve into a humanoid form.
That is, if they are not helped from the outside…by him and his team. (yeah, don’t think he’s working all alone. There are 50 other scientists and countless lab assistants to help his project.)
But this time, the opposition was even more adamant.
At first, with groans and moans, and whining, they’ve agreed for his research to start.
For spiders are smart, and the silk can be used for many things, and Marcus’s friends silk is the strongest and highest in quality.
But talking about spider people?
Creating a new race?
It was something that terrified most of the investors and the individuals interested in Marcus’ research.
So, this new direction of his research was shelved, and he was asked to focus in creating the chemicals, and schematics to increase all cognitive functions, and bodily strength, endurance, regeneration and agility.
But Marcus wasn’t one to give up on his friends.
He had some…private researches going on in rather remote locations.
They were hidden in walking distance from his best friends vacation house.
There, he quickened the process of evolution, by fastening the spiders reproduction rate, while constantly enhancing their genes.
Don’t get Marcus wrong, he wasn’t insane.
He increased their reproduction rate and fertility, but decreased the amount of eggs they can lay.
Thus they could have dozens of generations in half a year, but still not surpass thousands of spiders.
Thus, in 50 generations, the new spiders grew to the size of a beagle and grew vocal chords.
The vocal cords were weak, and the spiders still spoke in Morse code through screeches, but it was a development.
At generation 112, they could speak already, and by generation 150 they were speaking fluently at least in 2 languages: English and Spanish, since Marcus was Spanish.
Marcus estimated that it would take now but a few tens of thousands of years at worse for them to take on humanoid shapes.
He estimated that roughly around generation 2000 will they start the change.
At first, they would be slightly smaller in size than humans, but soon they will reach optimal heights.
At the same time, he envisioned them with their fangs, all their eyes, and rougher skin, but with arms and legs as dexterous as humans or even more.
Their strength would still be staggering, and they would still have amazing reflexes, regeneration, endurance and the ability to create silk.
But sadly, he wasn’t able to finish it up, for he was caught and jailed.
But that didn’t last lost, for 8 years later he was rescued, but several children statured individuals, with inhuman strength, that while running away, simply covered everything in webs…
Humanity was afraid, or at least those who knew about Marcus’ research, but oh so wrong they were.
For Marcus wasn’t insane, just obsessed.
Thus he continuously taught peace and cooperation to his friends, to the spiders, and made them learn, read and read some more.
And whilst he didn’t see his dream come true, six decades later, when mankind has been facing a dangerous attack from mother nature, an ally came knocking on their doors.
Masked individuals, with superhuman strength and reflexes, with impossible accuracy and an eye for architecture.
They’ve helped reconstruct cities and modernize technology so that buildings won’t collapse not even at 7.3 earthquakes.
It will be a long time until the entirety of humanity will know who they are, but the privileged are in contact with them.
They call themselves Marcus’ Children and they are here to help…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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