Bringing a girl home

This is a big day for me.
It was the day I would bring home Callista, my girlfriend.
And this is…quite stressful for me.
We live in a world filled with heroes, villains, monsters, gods, demons, robots, aliens, talking plants and who knows what else…
In this current world of ours, there are countless occupations that humans took as a change, as a chance, as a fight against the supernatural.
My family is really into this business…
My father is an ex-vatican exorcist, my mother is a ghost hunter, my big sister is monster hunter and my little brother just got himself a contract with Archangel Gabriel to deal with injustice…
I am…well, I have a doctorate in languages, majoring in dead languages, minoring in psychology…
Actually, that’s how I met my girlfriend…
I heard her speak enochian…fluently, so I joked about her being an angel.
That’s how our conversation started, but it quickly developed into something else.
She’s a beautiful, colorful young woman, with ideas and a soul…
She made me feel emotions, I thought I never had.
We’ve been dating for a year and a bit, and we’ve decided to take the next step.
I’ve already met her parents, and now it’s time for her to meet mine.
There is one, itsy-bitsy tiny problem…
She’s the daughter of an Old One…
Like you know, the gods before gods?
The entities born out of the cosmic brew that was before the Big Bang-o?
Those beings that are beings but not, alive but not, here but not, those beings?
The beings that when seen in their true forms, which is impossible to be actually seen, make people go completely cray-cray?
She’s the daughter of one of them with a stray angel, thus explaining her perfect enochian.
So, whilst my parents aren’t exactly for blood purity, or something radical like that.
They’ve been dealing with angels and other creatures mishandling humans for ages…so I don’t know how they will react.
As these thoughts shot through my brain in a rapid fire, a soft hand grasped mine.
“It’s okay, I know they will love me.”
My girlfriend said, smiling at me.
“They will surely do.”
I said, sighing in relief.
Together, we will face this together.
Ringing the doorbell, we’ve waited.
Soon the door opened and my dad and mother were standing there.
“I thought you will never ring that bell, I knew you were a wuss.”
My dad said.
My mom slapped him in the back of his head.
“Hi sweetie! Been so long since you’ve been home, come in and bring and introduce your cute girlfriend to us.”
She said.
My dad grumbled but still let us enter.
We entered the living room, and started talking.
Callista and mom got on friendly terms quickly, while my dad and I talked about the current situation in the world.
It wasn’t too bad.
That is, until my big sister came in.
“Oooh, little John-John brought a girl home, that’s new!”
She said, taking me into a chokehold.
It went chaotic afterwards, she was incredibly curious about our bedroom life.
By the way, I don’t know how she knew we were already living together…
It was awkward, but my father almost looked like he acknowledged my existence and that he was…proud?
I never saw that emotion in his eyes.
I sighed.
It was going much better than I thought…
That is, until my little brother also joined us.
“Auntie Callista!”
He shouted, when he saw Callista, and bowed to her.
At this, Callista giggled, I sighed since I understood what was going on, while everyone else was coldly looking.
The situation got tense.
My father was the first to break the silence.
“She’s…your aunt?”
He asked.
“Well, sort of.
Uncle Gabriel showed me his favorite siblings, and auntie Callista was a half-sibling of his that was really, really talented!
So she’s auntie for me.”
He said.
My little brother was 14, he didn’t need to talk like that, but this kind of talk helped him get out of trouble, and he was so used to it, that he can’t change it.
My father sharp gaze landed on Callista.
My sister also started laughing weirdly, but my mom just smiled.
“You really love my son.”
She said to Callista.
“Yes. We love each other.”
Callista answered, taking my hand into hers.
We continued the evening with small talks here and there, and went home.
It went better than I thought, but the future ones will be harder.
But we will face it together, so it will all be right.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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